Friday, April 10, 2009

Chemo Cancer Catch up

Had a cat scan last friday. My doc called me same day, which is unusual. had blood tests too. CA125 back up. 147 down to 114 and now up to 127. normal is 35 or less. cat scan showed increased fluid in ab area, where before. not good sign. supposed to go to galapagoes islands may 7th, so she decided to get aggressive and beat it down before i go. so monday was a long day of my BIG NASTY chemo back in the arsenol. i was there from 9am - 645pm. slow drip cuz i'm allergic to it. i'm struggling this week big time. tryiing to get over this chemo fog. it's sooo bad. been in bed sleeping since tuesday. can't pull oout. any stimulation at all is excruiating. no sound. no tv. no reading. no music. no talking. no fb. no texting. i just want to curl up and die. sometimes that seems easier. so overwhelmed with easter and class trips and class birthdays and class plays and i have no idea how i'm going to get anythinig done for mytrip or anyone's stuff. i can't function or focus. i'm hoping i turn the corner in the next day or two. i just can't handle any more. sorry to whine. just be patient with me. oh, another lady from my support group died yesterday, sara. :( cancer sucks.