Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Elite Acro 3 Dance Comp at Parkrose HS
Saturday Kaelin's Elite Acro group performed their "Topsy Turvy" (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame). They are clowns/jesters and do a bunch of team tricks and tumbling.Kaelin and her buddy Alaina before her "Quick Change" into a clown/jester!

One of Kaelin's signature poses. Flexible you think???

Valentine's Day
Dave spent the day in Forest Grove at the Hoop Tourney while we were at the dance comp at Parkrose High School. My mom had to work and Spencer spent the day playing video games. Dave had to work the SRHS Hoop tourney that night, but we all got spoiled with goodies inbetween. Gotta love the handmade cards...
Here's our loot!
This beautiful bouquet was from my UCLA college friend Joni, from Southern Cal...She said I was probably "the sweetest person she'll ever meet." :)
My mom put together these really cute tins of chocolates! They are loose tea tins!

We finished up our weekend in Forest Grove with two games on Sunday in the 5th/6th grade Hoop Tourney. Dave coached Kaelin's team to a 45-23 win and they took home the trophy! Kaelin played some great defense! They look better every game! Look out for The Sting! Bbzzzzzz

Friday night SRHS girls beat Sunset, but lost to Jesuit earlier in the week, so they will get the #2 seed into the tourney and have to play Oregon City @ Oregon City. This is their last week of league games.

We've been having really really rotten luck lately between troubles with all of our cars and our water main breaking last week! Dave and his step dad had to go out the day it snowed/rained and dig up the pipes before calling a plumber to fix it. The city won't take down the tree who's roots keep growing into it. This is the 2nd time it happened. Here are a few photos of the nightmare. Poor Dave is stressed and run down and not feeling well at all. It's just one thing after another around here. I would imagine he feels like he's drowning at times. I feel terrible for him and somewhat responsible for the situation because of my health and all that brings with it. :( So if you see him, just take a moment to say hey and check in with him. Maybe give him a pat on the back, a hug or a handshake. It's all catching up to him.

I have so much more to update on the last few weeks, but I don't want to overwhelm myself or you guys! I promise to keep up better!!! Thanks for reading!!



Paris said...

Love all the pics of K :) What a superstar!! I told you she was the secret weapon!! Congrats. Score on all your valentine loot! What a haul!! Sorry the Dave is having such a rough time lately. Big hugs to all of Team Immel. Love you, p

Katie Hacker said...

I'm sending hugs from the Midwest, too. Love the Valentine loot! Chocolate makes everything better. Or more manageable, anyway :)

nic said...

hey - thinking of you since one of your previous posts talked about bloods being taken for a new CA125 about now? ANyways. Thinking about ya! loves!

Loni said...

I love Kaelin's costume! What a joy it must be to watch her perform...or anxiety-producing. :-)

Wishing you healthy pipes, transmissions and appliances.

Hugs to all, Loni