Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's Back.....and it's not pretty!

The latest from my oncologist:

Hi Shauna, the CA 125 is up again, it is up to 134. Keep in mind that was the result from 2/2/09, and so you had only 1 cycle of the xeloda and avastin at that point, which is not enough to know if it is working yet. So this next number will tell us more. However if it is still rising, I do think it will need to be considered to add the oxaliplatin back into the chemotherapy regimen again as we had previously discussed. Because of your previous allergy, we will need to give this slowly, over 6 hours, and we will give you medications to prevent allergic reaction. I see that you will see Dr. Leimert again on 2/23. I will ask the nurses to tentatively plan that we will give you the oxaliplatin that day, in case that is what you and Dr. Leimert decide to do.

But again, please do not get discouraged yet as that value was from 2/2/09 and we may see it going down with the next blood draw. In order for Dr. Leimert to have the results on 2/23/09, please have the CA 125 drawn by the lab by Wednesday 2/18/09.

I am happy to talk further with you also.


Normal is 35 or below. I'm not surprised since I haven't been feeling great. I knew something was wrong. I got a chemo break for the holidays, and have not been feeling right since around Thanksgiving. I think that my numbers have been rising steadily since stopping the Oxcilliplatin. So I think that's what we have to throw back in. That's a brutal one and kicks my @$$. Sigh. I just can't seem to get the upper hand on this stupid beast. I HATE cancer!!!!!

I promise to get back into blogging. I have so much to catch you up on. I started a new writing workshop and have some writing to post. I have to run to soccer and gymnastics though, so will have to wait.

Thanks again for all of the love and support!!



Paris said...

Can I swear now??? Dang it!! Stupid friggin' cancer. I'm so sorry. But the doc is right, can't get discouraged. I know it sucks to have to back to that other drug, but it usually works. I know that they will take good care of you, and get that number back down where it needs to be. Please know that I'm here for anything and everything. I mean that will all my heart. Hate so much that you have to deal with all this. It was so good to hang out with you today. Love you, my friend. xoxox

Raelyn said...

We will not get discouraged...we will rejoice in knowing there are still options out there. A couple of questions you might want to pose to your dr...are there other meds. besides the oxalyplatin (that one is brutal), and any other protein inhibitors out there thay might be worth investigating. Just a thought..not pushing anything on you what so just sounds like now would be a good time to get very proactive!! Hang in there, do that which makes you happy, find joy in the little blessing God throws in our paths, and take comfort in knowing you are doing all the right things right now to get you to the next step! You are a warrior my friend!

Jean said...

I'm so sorry, Shauna. I dont even know what so say. I'm hoping and praying that the number will go down after your next test. Take care and hang in there!

laura said...

i'm so sorry, shauna - i hope your next draw shows that your current course is doing its job. this sucks. :(

sending lots of love up your way!!!

Anonymous said...

This sux. I know you don't want to do the nasty cancer again but maybe that's the butt kicking one. We're here for you Shauna. Just yell if we can do anything, listen, shout, food etc. Love you! Jaci

ali said...

Big Hugs to you my friends! You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly! You will get the upper hand! I know it! Love ya!

Angie said...

you will beat this thing- I'm glad you have doctors that are on top of things. big, big hugs.