Tuesday, March 24, 2009

heeeeeeeee's back!!!!!!!

Wearing the same clothes he left in. Just looks a little more haggard. Thinner. Taller. Definately stinkier! LOL He is soooo glad to be home and I'm so glad to have him home!

First thing out of his mouth "I'm hungry! Can we stop and get some food?" He wants pizza, cheese burgers, ice cream. He missed American food!

Next thing out of his mouth "Is Simba in the car?" He was very happy to see Simba and vice versa.

So we stopped at the airport Starbucks and got him a cinnamon roll and an icetea/lemonade. Then we stopped and got him an oreo shake! It's cheeseburgers for lunch and pizza for dinner! I guess he's been living off of Sushi and noodles. He looks thin to me! Gotta fatten him up!

He's now had a long, hot shower, washed his hair and put on clean, fresh jammies. He's sitting on the couch, playing video games. Tired, but not wanting to go to bed. I think he's happy to be home. Of course he's tired, it's tomorrow in Japan! It's like 4am there or something. He's been up all night traveling. Long flight!

We went through his bag and he got out all of the souveneirs and goodies from his backpack. He was very excited to give Kaelin her stuff. So sweet of him. He's being very extra sweet to me, telling me "thanks for picking me up mom. Thanks for the cinnamon roll. Thanks for this, for that." It's so nice to have my baby boy home and in a good mood, not all teenagery!!! Remind me of this when I start complaining about his attitude again in a few days!! ;)

Thanks again to all who helped make this trip possible and who gifted him spending money. He had a wonderful time and wonderful memories and he's made some good friends with kids in his class that he wasn't as close to before. He's come back a changed boy and we are so glad to have him back!!!!


P.S. On a sad note, Kaelin's gymnastics coach, Irina, died yesterday of cancer. She deserves her own post, so I will save that for tomorrow to honor her, as tomorrow is her memorial service. She is up with the angels now but she will forever be in our hearts and souls. xoxoxo


Paris said...

Yea... so glad Spencer is home!! Hope you can all enjoy the rest of spring break together. So sorry about Irina. Breaks my heart. Big hugs to you. I sure do miss you... need a Shauna fix soon!!! Love, p

caz said...

So glad that Spencer is home but very sad to read about Irina.

hugs from australia,

Nightscrapper said...

How fun to have your boy home. I'm sure he had a great time, but nothing is better than being home. Enjoy catching up and getting all the details about his trip. Can't wait to hear more.

Sorry to hear about Irina.