Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting Wiggy With It at Wig World

Laura from the clinic let me try on a couple of her wigs from Wig World. She bought 3 blonde ones. She's wearing a long one herself and I tried on the platinum blonde bob and the midlength one. I kind of like the 2nd photo of me in the long blonde one.

This is my new wig. I'm going to have my hairdresser at home fix the bangs.

I like it better with a hat. Here's one of my favorite hats. I got this hat at Burlington Coat Factory when Shanna was here...

Me in one of my new hats I got today....

New hat...

my favorite Life is Good baseball cap that Paris gave me...

Here's a photo of Paris wearing my wig!

Adventures in Wig Shopping Take 2
Shauna and Paris
Wig World, Reno, Nevada

Amazing what a little perspective will do for you! Or maybe it's the right wig, at the right time, in the right color and style. At the right price. And get this. A real human hair wig for $150. Not $995! Although it's not "handstitched" like the $995 one. I can justify paying that without guilt. Can I tell you how glad I am that I didn't purchase a wig that I didn't like for $995 or even $395 (synthetic) just for the sake of getting one before I lost my hair the first time around? See, things work out the way they are supposed to in the long run. After our misadventures in wig shopping in November, this one resulted in tears of joy, not sorrow. No barf bowl was riding shotgun. And it worked out that Paris could participate again. I tried on maybe 3-4 wigs in the store. I've included some photos of me at the clinic trying on Laura's wigs today before we checked out Wig World. She was our inspiration. I don't think platinum blonde is my color. LOL With the new wig I have, I feel and look more like my old self. And it's not poofy and doesn't look too fake. And it looks rockin with my new hats. I am totally into hats now. We went to Burlington Coat Factory (again) after getting the wig and we tried on hats. Paris got 3 new hats and I got 2! I love how my wig looks with hats! And I love how my hair looks with baseball caps! I miss my baseball hats! It also makes me look younger I think. The human hair wigs didn't have names like the synthetic wigs so we got to name her ourselves. We needed a name that connected it with this trip to Reno. So we tossed around "Reno, Virginia (the main street through town), Sierra (street downtown), Juno (we saw that movie last night. Cute movie!), Laura (after the rocker chick from infusion). We both thought Sierra Nevada was a good name but then, it came to us. "Hope". Hope is her name. how perfect is that? And we decided she needed a middle and last name. So her name is "Hope Sierra Nevada". I love it! I love that we got to name her too! We had fun playing with wigs and hats.

We got up this morning, made smoothies, took an hour walk along the river, had some organic iced tea at the Seven Tea House and Bar, took showers, had leftovers for lunch, picked up juices and snacks at Wild Oats and then infused before our adventures at Wig World. Paris made us organic tacos that we used lettuce to wrap the fixins in last night and she made us chicken and veggie soup tonight. Tomorrow we need to pack up and we're going to walk again and hopefully go ice skating tomorrow night at the outdoor rink off of the main drag. We also want to go see the movie "27 Dresses." Not sure how we're going to do everything. We may have to stay up all night to do it!

I think Paris is going to have a hard time getting me on the plane on Saturday. I want to stay!!!!!
To read my misadventures in wig shopping take one, go here.


Laura Nicholas said...

oh great pics! Looks like you gals had a good time today. I kind of like the plantinum bob.... Very glamorous....

Have a good day tomorrow!

Paris said...

Today was a blast... a complete ball. Much preferred this trip wig shopping than last time! You look so beautiful with "Hope" and your cool hats.... but you look beautiful without them too. You also have the most beautiful heart... you have touched everyone here in Reno. Now you have even more people in your army. So deeply grateful to be here with you... can't wait 'til our next adventure tomorrow! Love, p

My name is Shanna and I am said...

Okay, you did a great job!!!!! I saw your picture with your new 'do and yelled, "She looks just like herself!!!!!!" My whole family stopped and stared at me. lol

Anyway, great fun at Wig World!! Glad you got there. That was my only regret. Laura looks fab too! I can't believe how much healthier she looks!! Has she serenaded you again? I sure wish I could hear her.

Off to bed... life is going so much better! I need to blog the happiness for a change.

Love you, miss you.


Nightscrapper said...

Love your new hairdo!! That style and color looks awesome on you. You look very, very young. I also like it with you new hat. Very attractive!

Rosalyn said...

I knew it! I knew long red hair was the look for you! It's FABULOUS, dahlink! Can't wait to see you back in town. Your time away sounds like it was wonderful, but we all miss you here too.

Jean said...

Love love love your new doo!!!
THe color is gorgeous on you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shauna - you look amazing! I knew that page boy hat style would be great on you. I am so glad! I saw Dave last week (right before he left for Reno) I told him that I am totally addicted to your blog. You are an inspiration to all of us to remember to keep everyting in perspective, relax, be healthy and keep living! You rock. Please lets get togehter soon!

Berit said...

That Anonymous was me - I don't know how to do this Blogging thing sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna, I sure have loved reading your blog while you've been in Reno, but I sure do miss you!!!! Love Hope, just love her, you are adorable, truly adorable. I'm glad you've had such an amazing experience in Reno!
Hugs! Jaci

JO said...

Hi Shauna: So glad you found such a great wig. You look awesome in it, but then you always look good! Enjoy your final days in Reno. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Love, JO