Friday, February 1, 2008

Honeymoon in Reno

I can cross getting my wedding vows renewed off of my bucket list! Dave and I were remarried in front of our two children and our friend Shanna today! February 1st, 2008 is now our official 2nd wedding anniversary. We got married at Chapel of the Bells, just down the street from our hotel, by a female reverand who also happened to be a 4 year breast cancer survivor. Spencer and Shanna from California were our two witnesses. I didn't have my wedding ring to exchange rings again, but not to worry! They had some we could buy! Along with a fake bouquet. We chose a sterling silver ring with purple stones, as purple is the color of hope. Chose purple flowers too. You can see that everyone got dressed up (NOT). Shanna was our official photographer and she gave us a video of the wedding as our official wedding gift! Spencer and Kaelin giggled uncontrollably through the whole thing and I cried like a baby. I threw the bouquet when we dropped Shanna off at the airport and Kaelin caught it. She tried her hardest and fought for it and then she found out what it means and said "I don't want it" and threw it back in my face! LOL

After the ceremony we took Shanna to the airport and she flew home. We grabbed juices from the Wild Oats/Whole Foods juice bar and then came back to the hotel and rented "Sky High" and watched it after we had rice pasta and steamed broccoli for dinner. Tomorrow we may go to Circus Circus as they have a huge arcade type area for kids.

I was very nervous before the ceremony (and cranky, just ask my witnessess) and I almost got cold feet! But the ceremony went off without a hitch and Spencer and Kaelin even let us sit next to each other on the couch as we watched our movie since we just got "married" again. LOL It was a fun adventure and actually very touching and moving. I think it's something the kids will remember!

Dave brought my card reader from home so I could download my photos to the laptop and share them. I just can't figure out how to click and drag and move them around, so they are just stacked up at the top out of order. When I get on my pc at home, I'll rearrange them.


Shauna aka Mrs. Reno 2008


Stan said...

Congratulations Mrs Reno 2008!! How fun!! I wish I could have been there.....

Laura Nicholas said...

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Immel! That is great. That is too funny about Kaelin and the bouquet. It is great to see pics now. Enjoy your family time together this weekend.


JO said...

Hi Shauna and all you Immels: Love, love, love the pictures and you two getting married again. You all look so happy and what a wonderful thing for the kids to be part of. Hope all of you have fun this weekend in Reno. Love, JO

Nightscrapper said...

Ahhhh, very cool!! Congrats!! I bet the kids will have this embedded in their memories forever.

Paris said...

You look so beautiful... so happy that you guys could do this. Hope you are having a ball with Dave and the kids. See you on Tuesday! Love, p

Jean said...

how fun! Congrats to you !!!!
You are stunning!!

nic said...

Congrats Immels!
Paul and I got remarried in Vegas Feb 1st (or was it Jan 31st? I can't remember with the zones!) back in 2006!
Happy NV wedding to ya!