Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adventures at Burlington Coat Factory

Wednesday started out as usual, with breakfast (smoothie) and working out on the elliptical for 30', showers and lunch (big salad with everything but the kitchen sink). Then Shanna and I headed to the clinic so I could get infused. Laura Allan (the woman who started the same day as me at the clinic and who looked like she was at death's door) gave us another concert in the infusion room. She had brought along 3 instruments to play and entertained us with her beautiful voice and songs. She is looking amazing. I can really see her coming back to life. She's got color in her face now and she has a glow about her she didn't have before. She also can project her voice so much more this week than last. I'm just amazed. Tomorrow is her 56th birthday. I'm going to have to get her a bday card, gift and cupcake or something when I go in. She's been trying to put weight on. She's so thin and frail. She has a scar down her front like mine (12" long) but hers is causing her to hunch over, like it's pulled too tight. So she trying to work on her posture.

After we infused, we headed to Wild Oats soon to be Whole Foods, and I got a juice (carrot/celery/parsley/wheat grass) from the juice bar and picked up some random things for dinner. Since Shanna came coatless (pullover windbreakers don't count in Reno Shanna), we stopped at Burlington coat factory on our way home about 630pm or so. I was just going to go in and look for a belt myself. But you should see their hat department! OH my! They have had the best hat selection of anyone I've found so far! Hats and hats and hats and what great prices! $4.99-14.99! And so many in the style (I think it's called pageboy) that I've found I really like! I was going crazy! Shanna brought her camera and we spent an hour or maybe more trying on all of the hats and taking photos! I had so many I wanted to get but I ended up putting several back. Shanna looked so cute in her hats too. She ended up with 2 herself! I tell ya, this hat thing is contagious!

Shanna looked for coats and I kept finding things to try on. I ended up with a long red sweater that buttons in the front and a long lemongrass colored faux suede leather looking coat (raincoat style) that would be great for the spring (It was only $22.99). Although knowing me, I'll probably take the coat back. I also found this great suitcase for $49.99. It's pink suede looking material and it's a duffle bag that is also on wheels and has one of those handles that pulls up and you can pull it along. As Paris, my mom and Dave all know, I needed my own suitcase (I borrowed Paris' big one) and I'm going to need one to take everything back in! Although I might take it back too. It looks like it has a tendancy to get really dirty. And I need to test what it's like fully packed. Not sure it will stay upright with the weight.

After spending way too much time at Burlington Coat Factory, we headed back to the hotel and started dinner prep at 9pm! We made brown basmati rice cooked in chicken broth, and then we stir fried chicken, garlic, sesame seeds, baby bok choy, snow peas, celery, carrots and broccoli in sesame oil and Braggs Amino Acids (tastes like soy sauce without the salt). We ate dinner at 10pm last night! But we were good girls and didn't eat out, regardless of how late it was. We then watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and I had a bowl of fresh raspberries with a little organic cream and then after talking, off to bed at 2am!

Woke up to sunshine and no snow today around 8am. Off to work out and take and walk and maybe hit "Wig World" to try on wigs and go to the airport to add Shanna to my rental car contract and then infuse and she might go out to dinner with her cousin who lives here in Reno tonight and I've got great leftovers from last night. 10 days down so far. Time is flying.

I totally apologize for my ramblings. I know alot of my friends and family want to keep up to date on my goings on here in Reno so typing it up on the blog once instead of repeating it verbally to everyone that calls works best for me right now. I promise I won't always be so boring and rambling in my postings!

Love ya all and miss ya all and am so thankful to have you all in my life.



Tami said...

Love the blog it has been a lot of fun keeping up with you in Reno. I am so jealous of your healthy food choices and exercise.. I must start myself! You GO! Love, Tami

Paris said...

Can we go to the hat place when I get there?? I have something that I have been looking for and can't find one here. Fun times! So cool about the concert and that the gal is doing so much better... gives me so much hope for you too. Slowly but surely I'm getting stuff ready for Seattle and Reno. Miss you, miss you, miss you! Love, p

p.s. We had turkey cutlets and squash for dinner... healthy for me, eh? LOL

Rosalyn said...

You're not boring! I love reading your adventures. I love that you are getting all this healthy treatment and good food and wonderful support. Sounds like you definitely made the right decision, going to Reno. Keep up the good work, keep up the blogging!

My name is Shanna and I am said...

Okay, now wait just a minute... I may have gone to bed later than you, but that was only because we had such a LOOOONG shopping spree at Burlington and I seem to remember that you scored with far more items than I!! lol I loved every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing (even the bags under my eyes and the dragging tush!) lol

Now to head to Wig World! Can't even imagine what THAT photo shoot will look like! I think we should bring our hats too, whatdaya say?

Sweet potato fries are almost done so better run. Hope we get another concert today. :o)

Love you, me (in the other room)

Laura Nicholas said...

Sounds like you are having quite the adventures, my friend. This trip sounds like just what you needed!