Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Did I get your attention? LOL

Don't worry, I may have purple toes but I have no new tattoos or body piercings. Or old ones for that matter. But I am amazed at how many tattoo palors and body piercing places there are around here. That and little quickie wedding chapels. One of my favorite ones that I drive by on my way to the cancer clinic each day is "The Black Hole". Kind of sums up Reno in a way.

Reno feels otherworldly to me. Like we are so far away from normal civilization and life as we know it. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to "living" right in they city and all that comes with that. But you would think that in a busy city, you'd see a lot of people walking around, hustling and bustling. It's very eerie here in Reno. For the most part, the streets and roads are quiet. Sometimes almost ghost town like. It's because everyone is inside the casinos, all day and night. It's probably more like a city inside of those places. Lots of energy and hustle and bustle. When you do see people moving around in daylight, they aren't wandering so much as they are stumbling from lack of sleep and too much to drink.

I think I must be on the opposite schedule as the people here in Reno. They come out at night and I run around during the day and hunker down in my suite for the night. It's really not safe to wander around by yourself when the sun goes down if you're a woman. It's almost like Reno is populated by a bunch of vampires. Where's Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her?

Monday I woke up at 730am to the most snow I'd seen so far. Was a little concerned about driving to the clinic for my infusion (about 7 miles away) and not sure what the weather was going to do the rest of the day. It was snowing pretty good after I had breakfast. So I switched up my routine and headed in early. Driving was slow but manageable. The sun came out and began to warm things up on the roads a bit. And the morning commute had turned a lot of it to slush. I stopped in Wild Oats and grabbed a carrot/apple/parsley/wheat grass juice and headed to the clinic for my infusion at about 11 instead of my usual time of 2 pm.

It was a full house in the chemo suite and a lot of faces I hadn't seen yet. They seemed to be the "morning shift" of infusers and then there are those of us who show up later in the afternoon and close the place down.

I was back at my room by 230pm and then had the afternoon to work on updating my snail mail address book, cross referencing all of the addresses I had with the ones on all of the hundreds of Christmas card envelopes we had received. Had leftovers for lunch and big salad with everything in it but the kitchen sink! I worked out before dinner and did the elliptical trainer for 30' (my stamina is getting better!). I answered a few phone calls and then made some rice pasta with some of Annie's leftover sauce with organic ground meat in it and a side of steamed broccoli. I made a pot of herbal tea and rented the movie "Waitress before going to bed about midnight.

Woke up Tuesday morning at about 8am and not feeling so well. Feeling a little queasy, full and bloated. Wondering if I'm reacting to something I ate. I'm making some organic slow cooked oatmeal with fresh raspberries and blueberries and almond milk. I'm going to let my breakfast settle, work out and then work on updating my address book again. Also need to make the beds in the 2nd bedroom (linen was washed after Annie and Jerry left) for my guest coming in tonight. Since I have to be at the airport around 6ish to pick up my friend Shanna (pronounced Shauna) from California, I'm going to infuse around 2pm since I'll be on that side of town around 6. She'll be staying with me until Friday. I'm sure my adventures this week will heat up now that she's involved! LOL I wanted to rent the movie "Hollywoodland" tonight but we may be busy catching up.

So off I go to start my day.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me cards and packages here to the hotel! I love it! I have them all sitting on and around the stereo in the entry way and they make me feel so loved! And popular! The people at the front desk are always callinng me and telling me I have mail or a package! It's so nice!!! Thank you!!!

love ya!!


Jean said...

Hope you feel better!! have a great day!

Paris said...

Sorry you were not feeling well... get better soon. Give Shanna a big hug for me. Cathy and I had big fun in your room today :) Guess what... she bakes when she is stressed out too!! I'm not the only one! We have really hit it off. Miss you and see you next week!! Woo Hoo! Love you, p

Angie said...

Have fun w/Shanna. Hope you are feeling better....

Hollywood land is a good movie, sad though.


Kaileysmom said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. Have fun with Shanna.

Laura Nicholas said...

Shauna - sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope it passes. But don't let it cause any dillusions where you go get something tatooed or pierced!

Hugs to you my friend - Laura

Nightscrapper said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. I'm sure Shanna is there and you are enjoying eachother's company. Don't let her keep you out all night! LOL Enjoy!!