Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Drive By Posting....

I've been crazy busy this week trying to get ready to go out of town for 3 weeks! So I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I sat down tonight to post and I am at a loss for words!!! I guess my creativity is all dried up! So i'm just going to do post a little update.

Dave: the Southridge Girls Varsity Basketball team won their second league game tonight and Dave's off watching game tape with the other coaches (it's 12am). He's going to be leaving for Reno with me on Sunday morning and returning Tuesday night. My mom will be holding down the fort while we're both gone.

Shauna: I've been busy going out to coffee/tea and lunch this week, and squeezing errands inbetween! Amanda interviewed me for an article she's writing for the OHSU Ethics Center Newsletter and a photographer came over today to take photos of my kids and I (bald head and all!). Another woman in my support group passed away on Wednesday. :(

Spencer: Spencer quit his classic soccer team after 3 years. He wants to quit violin and start electric guitar too. Not sure if I should be worried or not, or if it's a stage he's going thru (he'll be 13 on May 21st).

Kaelin: Is busy again as she's gone back to gymnastics and dance practice, stretching, conditioning, working on her left hand coordination and learning the routines. Has now decided it's ok to let people sign her cast directly. The cast really hasn't slowed her down all that much. And her spirits are good.

Thank you to everyone for their emails, cards, donations and offers to help while I'm away! I have a laptop now (thanks to Weyerhauser/Crusaders Car Club!) and hope to keep everyone up to date via my blog while I'm in Reno. I'm not sure how much access/time I'll have for emailing though. Feel free to contact my husband Dave at

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Paris said...

Really enjoyed having chocolate chai w/you. I'm going to miss you something terrible while you are in Reno. I know it will be worth it though, and I can't wait to come down and see you. So sorry to hear about the lady in your support group. No worries about Spencer... kids this age get so darn busy w/homework anyway. Maybe it will be a good thing for him to relax a bit. Well, I'm rambling since I haven't had my tea yet. Talk to you soon. Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

oh shauna - I am sorry to hear about the lady in your group. As for Spencer, he is close in age to my Lucas and I am hoping it is all a phase. Jake too is just becoming a home body. He just wants to be home...

Stay tough, my friend!