Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hallway to Heaven and Sex in the City

I had this really interesting experience. Kind of out of the body experience you might say. After you get out of the elevators on our floor, you walk down a long, narrow hallway with a window on the end. Alot of light comes through the window and it kind of glows at the end of the dark hallway. Like you see in the movies or on television sometimes when someone is walking down a dark, narrow, really long hallway into the light on their way out of this life. Well, I keep having that experience/sensation as I get out of the elevators and turn the corner and walk down the hallway to my room. My room is at the end of the hall. Last door on the right. Just before the window. Walking down that hall, I feel empowered. I feel strong. And hopeful. I walk with purpose. Just before I get to the end, I exit to the right. Like I'm taking a detour. Like it's not my time yet. I feel like someone is trying to tell me something. Send me a signal. A sign that I'm going to be alright. It's very intense.

Woke up to sun again this morning but no snow. We're supposed to get a storm moving in, but it sure doesn't look like it to me. Another storm is supposed to come in on Thursday night. Hope that doesn't mess with everyones travel plans.

Yesterday I did my typical routine of breakfast, 30' on the elliptical and hanging about the suite before going to the clinic to infuse from 2-5pm (they sped up the drip since i'm not experiencing any side effects to it's 2 hours instead of 3 now). Then I went to the airport and picked up my friend Shanna from Cali. I was so proud of myself for not getting lost and finding my way. I now know 3 different ways to and from the airport. Seems I know my way around Reno more than I do Portland!

We went grocery shopping at New Seasons and then came back to the hotel and had some dinner. We're pretending we're two single girls living in an apartment in the city. Kind of like the show "Sex in the City" (although I've never actually seen that show, just heard about it). We could have our own show and call it "Sex in the Biggest Little City" (Reno's slogan is Reno: The Biggest Little City in the World".

We talked a bit and then watched "Hollywoodland". Good movie with good acting but sad and it's one of those movies that kind of leaves you guessing at the end. I hate when they don't tie up loose ends and live happily ever after! We might watch "The Devil Wears Prada" tonight.

Shanna brought me a really neat gift. An angel of light, hope and courage. She's beautiful and I set her on my nightstand to watch over me.

Today we are going to work out and go infuse and who knows what else. I do know Shanna needs to find herself a proper coat! I'm thinking a windbreaker isn't going to cut it. My husband made the same mistake when he was here. Hopefully he'll pack them properly. Scary thought my husband packing my kids for a trip. That should be interesting.



Paris said...

Glad you girls are having a nice time. Wish I was there... but I will be soon! Stay warm, and have fun! Love you, p

Jean said...

wow, what a description of your hallway experience. Hope you guys are having a good time. Sure wish I could come and visit. I'm there in spirit though.
Take care

Nightscrapper said...

What a dynamic experience to go through each time you walk down that hallway. I know it's not your time, keep taking the detour!!!

JO said...

Hi Shauna: I updated all the gals today at our support group meeting. They were all pleased to hear you are doing so well and they all are thinking about you. We are having our "Quilting Bee" tomorrow at Fern's. You will get to sew on the quilt when Fern brings it to class later. Today we all made our "Bucket Lists." You must be feeling better since you didn't mention anything more about feeling sick. Good deal. Enjoy your time with your friend. Love, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

hey keep taking that detour, girl... You have many more roads ahead of you. I hope you are feeling better. Sure miss you at work - we got another PS today - ready to come back??? lol

Love ya and huge hugs.