Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reno Here We Come!

How cool is it that I'm sitting in the airport with my Starbucks (thanks for the Birthday gift Jo!)blogging and taking care of last minute details regarding my kids and their schedules??? Waiting for my plane to take me to Reno in about an hour. Dave's sitting next to me, checking his emails on his laptop. We are quite the pair. Once again, thank you to Tami, Weyerhauser and the Crusaders Car Club for the donated laptop. I'm putting it to good use already!

What a hassle though to get through the x-ray machines with a laptop in addition to everything else I'm trying to take/carry. There's a whole blog post in my head about my packing and my x-ray experience and hopefully I can sit down tonight and write it. I need to thank my mom and Paris for their help packing and Dave for his patience. And thank you to Paris for the ride to the airport too. No one should have to get up so early on a Sunday!

I said my goodbyes to my friends, family, kids and my Simba. I'm going to miss them all. It's a very strange and scary thing leaving for 3 weeks. I know everyone else will watch out for them and take good care of them. Thank you in advance to those of you organizing my kids and accommodating their schedules, etc. I'm going to miss my bed and home too. Idid make sure to pack my favorite blanket though! (It keeps my bald head warm at night!)

Thank you to everyone for the bday wishes, gifts, cards, calls, emails, love and support. I've been spoiled rotton to the core and I feel so special and loved. It makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing by going to Reno to try alternative treatments. It fills me back up with hope, something I've been running low on lately. So thank you for that.

My love to all.
Wish me luck!!

Shauna (getting ready to board!)


Paris said...

Hey that is quite high tech... so proud and excited for you! I'm so glad that I had a chance to see you this morning and get lots of hugs before you left. Safe travels to you and Dave. I will call you later to get the whole scoop on your trip down there. Happy Birthday, my friend. Love, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Shauna - I am so glad that you and Dave are off and we are so hoping for the best. I am hoping you had safe travels. Getting through security is always the hardest part of traveling anymore. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and I look forward to your posts on this adventure.

Happy birthday!

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! I am so thrilled that you are headed to Reno to explore other options. I look forward to hearing what you find. Much love and big hugs coming your way. (Hi to Dave too!)

xoxo, Shanna

Melissa said...

Woohoo! Happy Birthday!

I remember reading about your diagnosis on one of the scrapping message boards when I was in the middle of chemo. I lost track of your journey but kept you in my thoughts and prayers from time to time. Just this morning, I was wondering how you were doing and then this evening, I was reading Nic's blog which led me back to yours!

Looking foward to reading about your successes with integrative treatment.

JO said...

Hi Shauna: Just want you to know that I will be thinking about you on Tuesday when you have your appointment with Dr. Forseyth. I hope he gives you lots of helpful information and hey, tell him, all you want is for him to cure you of your cancer! Sounds good to me! I will be anxious to hear what you find out. So glad Dave is with you. Love, JO

Jean said...

so glad you were able to make this trip. All will be fine at home!!
Hugs to you!

Jane said...


We're thinking of you - can't wait to hear how it goes.



Angie said...

wishing you all the best...looking forward to the next update.

Tami said...

I LOVE YOU! Massive hugs and kisses! So glad you are off and running! Cheers to Dave and you!
I am here cheering on the sidelines! xoxo Tami