Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reno Here We Come!

Reno is back on. Dave and I are leaving a week from today, on my 42nd birthday, Sunday, January 20th! I have an appointment with Dr. Forsythe at 12pm on Tuesday the 21st. I think Dave will head back home Tuesday night so he can hold the fort down and then my step-mother-in-law Annie (from Sea Ranch, California) will come hang out with me for awhile. I think Paris is planning on coming down and seeing me home on Feb. 9th. It will be strange being away from my family for 3 weeks. I'm sure they will have lots of people looking out for them! Thank you in advance!

My mother-in-law Lynda has arranged a 2 bedroom suite with a kitchen etc. through her vacation club, World Mark/TrendWest, and has covered the expenses with her vacation points. Our air travel is in the works and between our friend Amanda and my friend Tami, we have that dept. covered too. Thank you to all of you who have donated time, money, miles and hotel points to help in this adventure! We sure appreciate it!

This is a photo of my friend Amanda with me and the hat she gave me at my hat shower! It was so cute and Christmassy! Amanda is a very, very special lady (who loves green by the way and wants to steal my green/black striped hat for herself! LOL) whose daughter, Hannah, is in my son Spencer's 7th grade class. After my surgery after I was diagnosed, Amanda brought us fabulous dinners from Elephants Deli several times and had Spencer over for a playdate! I'll never forget when he came home from his playdate with Hannah, carrying a long skinny green water balloon that they had named "Mr. Pickles." He even wanted to preserve it, so he put it in the freezer and froze it! That didn't turn out so well for Mr. Pickles. They had a fabulous time that day and I was so grateful to her for making Spencer feel special.

Amanda also got me hooked up with OHSU (Oregon Health/Science University) and being a patient teacher for the class "Living with Life Threatening Illnesses/Diseases" in which I was paired up with a medical student, Kyle, and was his "teacher". What a fabulous experience. Some of you may remember attending the fundraising brunch they had at the Govenor Hotel in which they showed the video/film that I was interviewed in. Amanda organized and filled up two tables of special family and friends in my honor and I was awarded some volunteer award and it was so nice to have these special people there cheering me on. I am participating in the class again and meet with my new medical student, Jenny, this Tuesday!

Thanks for the airlines tickets and the hat and the friendship Amanda!


Paris said...

I'm really looking forward to joining you in Reno. I will be going through "Shauna withdrawals" with you being gone for so long, but I just know it will be a wonderful experience for you. I pray that they can give you the answers and care that you have wished for.

A big thanks to Amanda for all that she is done. She is a very special lady.

Love, p

Tami said...
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Tami said...
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Tami said...

Glad to see that everything for your trip is working out so well. I love that Lynda was able to take care of your stay and anyone else that was lucky enough to come stay with you! Very cool! Amanda with air and Paris with a visit! You definately have some very special people surrounding you! I only wish that I was closer to help out more at home! From a Far... Tami (Love and hugs)

Jean said...

So glad to ehar that everything is falling into place and you will make the journey to Reno. Sure wish I could sneak away and spend time with you. Know that I'm thinking of you always!!
xoxo jean

Barb said...

Shauna, I'm a regular stalker... er, I mean, visitor to Nic's blog, and I followed a link from there to here. I thought I'd leave a note to say hello. Your story is very touching and your courage inspiring. I am thinking of and praying for you.

(For the record, the Wonder Woman avatar isn't my usual persona! ;))