Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've been honored as a Top Health Blogger!

You will notice in the upper right hand corner of my blog that I have a new exclusive badge to recognize me as one of the web's leading health bloggers! I was invited to join Wellsphere's HealthBlogger Network. the world's premier network of health writers, including over 2,500 of the Web's leading health bloggers! They carefully reviewed my blog, and based on the high quality of my writing, the frequency of my posts, and my passion for helping others, they thought I would be a great addition to their community! Wellsphere has more than 5,000,000 monthly unique visitors. They will be promoting me and my blog as a great source of health knowledge and support, featuring me in rotation on their homepage, republishing my posts and linking back to my blog. with the connection to the Wellsphere platform, the audience for my postings will be greatly expanded and it will attract additional readers to my blog, as I receive recognition for my efforts to improve people's lives.

Wellsphere is the fastest-growing consumer health website, and is revolutionizing the way people find and share health and healthy living information and support. They recently merged with the Health Central Network, Inc, and together they are serving more than 10 million people a month!

I am very honored to be a part of this community and look forward to this journey together.

Thank you all for the continued support! I couldn't do this without you all.


ali said...

Congrats Shauna! You go girl! Always making us proud! Love you girl!

JO said...

You Rock! I am so proud of you and so blessed to have you as my friend! You deserve all the recognition you get. You are such an awesome writer. Some day when you are famous, I will say, I knew her back when!!!!!

Love you, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! You'll do a great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shauna, what wonderful news. You have touched so many of our lives in such an amazing way!

Laura Nicholas said...

oh that is awesome - congrats to you!

Paris said...

You already know this, but I am so very proud of you :) You are an amazing writer, person and friend. I know many more people will draw courage and strength from your example. Love you, my friend. xoxo

lady said...

shauna, you're a bad ass!!
congrats on the award.
people are listening to you and your lovely words. wonderful.

hope you are well.

margaret (old quest facilitator)