Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Staying Positive. Or at least trying to.

I posted on Facebook about being on chemo Monday from 830am-5pm and then having to get hooked up to the chemo pump for the next 46 hours.

Shauna Berglund Immel has escaped from the Chemo Suite and is on the run
with "Fillup", my chemo pump for the next 46 hours. Oh boy we're gonna have
fun. NOT.

My friend Ahn: Trust you to come up with a funny name for your chemo pump!
You're incredible, how do you always stay so positive?

My resonsponse: It's better than being miserable. When you have a limited amount of time, do you want to enjoy it or be miserable? I have my moments! Ask my family! Escapes help: playdates, movies, coffee dates, lunches, books, support groups, journaling classes, etc. Facebook! Contact with friends. The support I receive is so overwhelming, I can't help but be positive back.

It's not easy. It totally sucks. I get up every single morning and look for my happy face hanging in my closet to put on. And my cape. Usually on the floor needing ironing. I wouldn't do this for anyone but my kids. Not myself. Not my husband. It's so freaking hard and it doesn't get any easier. Only harder.

See, I'm not always positive!

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Harrison - a fellow Bruin said...

You are an extremely inspirational person. You've been fighting a super human fight for a long time all the while looking forward to the things most people take for granted, such as a nice cup of Joe and a begel with cream cheese. Your writings are so pure and I look forward to buying your first book of poems. Keep fighting with all you've got and you will beat this.