Friday, December 12, 2008

CA125 Results are back

here is the note from my doctor:

Hi Shauna. The CA 125 is overall stable. There was a very slight change from 45 to 56. As per the graph we looked at, overall this small change is not likely to be significant. I do not think we have to make any changes to our plan for a CT scan next month before the next appointment with me. As always, if you develop worsening pain, or any new symptoms or concerns, please let me know right away.

I hope you have a very nice holiday with your family.

Best regards,


She doesn't think it's significant but I've had a bad feeling for awhile now. This bums me out. :( Nice to have a break, but then the chemo isn't blasting the cancer and keeping it in check. I can feel it inside me. Sucks.



Paris said...

Don't be bummed. I know that is easier said than done, but please try. If your doc is not worried, then you should not worry. You can start the chemo back up in Jan. Just take this break to enjoy every minute of the holidays with your awesome family. Please know that I'm here for anything, my friend. Love you, p

JO said...

I think your CA125 sounds good. Just enjoy the low counts and your chemo break. Don't even think about your cancer. Your oncologist would suggest you have chemo if she thought it was necessary at this time.

(Sorry, I beat you to a comment, Paris! Hope you are feeling good.)

Love ya, JO

JO said...

PARIS------I can't believe you hit "send" before I did!


Anonymous said...

Shauna, I think the Dr. sounds positive about the only slight change. Please take a deep breath and don't worry, I know, easier said than done. Enjoy every second of this break from your chemo (like you don't already.)

Giant hugs my friend! Hey, are you doing the Nutrcracker on Sunday? Alaina is dancing in both shows in case you and Kaelin are bored with nothing to do...we won't think about the snow now will we.

Love you! Jaci

Laura Nicholas said...

ditto on what P said...


KR said...

Shauna -
Trust the doc! (I know this is not an original sentiment, but a heartfelt one). Bad analogy coming: It's like when I feel fat and someone says, "Hey you look so slim," and I wonder if they are just trying to make me feel better about being me. But no, it's called objectivity.
Also - I am blasting away at the cancer spiritually. Those bad cells are not long for the world...

KR said...
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Nightscrapper said...

I'm going to say "ditto" to the other comments. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you. Take time to enjoy your break and the holidays. You deserve it!

laura said...

oh shauna, i'm just seeing this now! i hope that your doctor is right and that you are able to enjoy this time off the chemo and with your family. i love you. (((hugs)))!!!!