Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve to those near and far.
We are snowed in for the holidays, but just had a wonderful dinner with our neighbors, The Klings. Berit, Steve, Haley and Mason filled in beautifully for our family! We had a great night of eating, playing Wii, talking, laughing and beating them in Cribbage!

Now on to wrapping presents and getting a good night's sleep!

Here's a fun photo of the kids from last year...

Happy Holidays!


Paris said...

So glad that you had a nice evening. Bummer that you couldn't get to Seattle, but how awesome that you have such great neighbors :) Love the pic of the kiddos, and can't wait to see new ones from this year. We are loving all the cookies. Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas to you, my dear friend. Here's to a happy, healthy and fun 2009!! Love you, p

Nightscrapper said...

Merry Christmas Immel Family!!
I second what Paris said, "Happy, Healthy and Fun 2009!!"