Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Taste of Winter

Pure Bliss in a child's eyes. To a child, there is nothing better than waking up to a snow day! We went to bed last night (after going to Toys R Us from 11pm-12am! The best time to shop!) and woke up in a winter wonderland! Very dry, cold snow. We have about 4 inches on the ground right now and it's not supposed to go away anytime soon. School has been cancelled tomorrow, very much to my children's delight. The temperatures are very cold. In the teens. Supposed to be 10 degrees on Thursday. For us Oregonians, that's COLD and we're not used to all of this snow and cold! They are saying that school may be cancelled all week. And there was only 1 week of school left before the Christmas holidays! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Luckily I had gone to the grocery store and stocked up, but at some point, we're going to run out and have to venture out. So much for getting our tree. At least I will be stuck at home and have lots of time to deal with paperwork, laundry, cleaning etc! (That is if I can drag myself away from the computer and FACEBOOK!). My mom has been making my Christmas cookies for me and Kaelin has been helping! Too bad I don't have my Christmas cards, might be a good time to do them! Oh well. It wouldn't be a card from Team Immel if you didn't get it for Valentines Day or Easter. Right?
Here's a snowman that Spencer and the boys across the street made. I've had some people commenting on it, saying it looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy costume Spencer wore for the school play! (Stay tuned for more photos on that...) Spencer had to stand guard, as Simba, the Happiest Dog in the World, happens to be a snow eater! He kept trying to eat the snowman's nose! (He likes carrots!)

I had the kids pose with the dog, thinking that this might make a good Christmas card photo. I'll keep trying all week, as I'm sure we'll have lots of photo ops! Simba is a total snow dog! He loves the snow! He stood at the door and cried when we came in. Wanting to go right back out. I think he had the most fun of us all!

Other happenings from this week...

Here's a photo of Grampa and Grannie (Dave's mom and step dad) in front of an art project Kaelin did hanging on the wall in the performing arts center at school, just before Spencer's 8th Grade play, "Not Saint George."

The play was hysterical!!! OMG those 8th graders and their humor! Alot of current popular event stuff was thrown in there for comedy, like Sarah Palin, America's Next Top Model and High School Musical. I can't even explain it. It was so out there and so darn funny. We were rolling on the floor. Here's a photo of the whole 8th grade cast...
amd 2/3 Pillsbury Dough Boys (kinda look like Casper the Ghosts huh? Or Frosty the Snowman without the hat.)

And here's all three of the Dough Boys, plus the Cookie MOnster and one of the "Fairies" (all of the big, athletic, jock boys were dressed as the fairies for the nutcracker music and did their ballet routines on trikes!)
I missed my writing group this week due to the play. :( So I don't have any writing to share this week.

If the snow doesn't put a damper on things, we have the Christmas Concert, "Revels", on Thursday night and I have my Write Around Portland Anthology Release Party on Wednesday, December 17th, where I will be reading my piece "Tell Me a Story." For anyone that wants to attend, it's from 6:30-8:30pm at First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson Ave. (at Goose Hollow Max stop). The event is free and everyone is welcome! You can purchase the books there, or they will be available at Powell's afterwards.

I hope that you all are safe and warm inside your homes, with your loved ones snuggled in close. Enjoy the time and make some memories!!!



Paris said...

Love love LOVE the snow pics. The one of Simba and the kiddos is perfect for your Christmas cards! Sounds like you will have a busy week... I hope I can make it on Wed. night. I really enjoyed that last time. Stay warm and try to get some sleep!! Love you, p

KR said...

We don't have quite the depth of snow or the EXTREME cold you have...but it's kicking our booties! My Louis wants me to carry him everywhere for the extra warmth it provides him. Not that unusual, he wants me to carry him all the time anyway, which I will happily do until his feet touch the ground.
I'm LOOKING FORWARD to middle school extravaganzas now, thanks to you - another 6-9 years for me or so!

Nightscrapper said...

The play sounds like it was fun and funny. Too cute!

Ahhh, the snow. We are covered here also. Wonderful!! No school today or tomorrow. We are officially on Christmas break!