Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Bound

Wow. What a week! Winter Break was supposed to start officially after the kids got out of school today, but they haven't been to school for 7 days due to the weather! It's been cold and it's been white!! School was cancelled for the whole week, so my kids got 3 weeks instead of 2 off for Christmas and they are psyched. So many things got cancelled and postponed. Like the Christmas concert, Revels, at school. The Write Around Portland Anthology Release Party and Reading. Gymnastics training and meets. Martial Arts. Basketball practices and tournaments. Acrobatics Dance practice. Support Groups. Christmas Parties. Plans to go Christmas shopping and get our Christmas tree. Lunch and coffee dates. You name it!

We've all enjoyed ourselves though. I must say that I had all of these plans to get so much done, but I've really just relaxed and hung out and slept in and played in the snow and on Facebook and watched movies (Napolean Dynamite and I Am Legend) and read books and did crossword puzzles and make dinners and actually sit down all together and eat as a family! It's been sooo nice to have everyone home and not rush around from sport to sport to sport etc for a change. Life is good!

My mom and I did manage to get out and start and almost finish our Christmas shopping on Thursday when the temps rose and the snow melted (in between storms). She also baked my holiday cookies for me and also made her own wrapping paper and wrapped her presents and sent out her Christmas cards! I have no excuse.

I've been neglecting my blog and emails too and to those of you who are waiting to hear from me...I am sorry! I've been having to share my time on the computer with 4 other people in my house 24/7 and like I've complained many times before, just when I sit down and get on a roll answering emails, my pc boots me out and it takes me at least 5 tries before I can get back on and by then I am so pissed I walk away. It's so frustrating! I miss my marathon sessions of email answering and my clean, organized inbox. I can't keep up anymore and it overwhelms me! I love that I can get Facebook on Ruby, my trusty smart phone, but I haven't figured out how to get my emails to forward to me. You can always email me to my phone directly at and I bet I can get back to you better that way!

Kaelin and I snuck out this afternoon and saw the movie Twilight for a second time. I liked it better the second time! We came home just as it was snowing again. Spencer has a friend over for a sleepover tonight and we're hoping for an indoor soccer game tomorrow. Other than that, we're trying to figure out if and when we can get up to Kent, WA to my bros and gramps for Xmas and how long we can stay. With school being cancelled all week, Dave's HS girls team hasn't practiced for 6 days! That's unheard of! And they were supposed to get some time off around the holidays, but looks like that already got it. I'm afraid they will be practicing when we would be traveling. So who knows.

I hope to get together with HS friends if we go up and DAve's team is playing in a Hoop tourney at Riverside HS in Auburn starting DEc. 30th, so we may go up there then too. Or instead. Depends on the weather!

I'll leave you with some photos of what we've been doing since being Snow Bound:I also need to thank a dear sweet lady from my support group who braved the snow, cold and ice and drove over a whole bunch of holiday goodies for my family and I! Thanks Carolyn! You are so nice, thoughtful and kind and we really appreciated it! What a nice suprise!!!!!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and the holidays!!


Paris said...

Glad you all could get some much needed down time. So good to relax and cook and watch movies. We have been doing the same thing around here. I sure do miss you and hope we can get together soon... even if it is just for a quick eggnog chai again :) Love all the pics. Stay warm and safe this weekend... here we go again!! Love ya, p

KR said...

Shauna, your dinners are inspirational. My handsome four year old has no charm left by dinnertime and has been regularly "exerting his will," as I will charitably call it. Tonight he demanded, "I am NOT eating dinner, just DESSERT! What's for dessert?!"
By 7, Mama is just ready to drink her dinner and try to recover from the mayhem.
Also - that sweetie pie puppy of yours is making me want one of my own...don't tell my dog crazy son ("I'm not eating dinner until I get a Dalmation!")

Keep me posted on your northward travel plans...

Love, K

JO said...

Your food looks too good to eat! Sounds like you have been enjoying the snow with your family.

That Carolyn is such a sweet lady. Too bad we couldn't have had our Christmas support group meeting because Sheryl was plannikng to be there.

Have fun and stay warm and safe. Hope you get to go to Washington for Christmas.

Love you, JO

Nightscrapper said...

Sounds like you were able to relax and enjoy your family. The snow days were a blessing. We started Christmas break early. We will end up with 4 weeks total. I've yet to take Tiff to see Twilight. She's been bugging. Stay warm!