Thursday, December 4, 2008

Professional Playdater For Hire

After spending the last week pretty much down and out with the flu, I felt well enough today (the blue skies and sunshine helped!) to meet my girlfriends for mochas (them) and tea (me with the queasy stomach) at Moonstruck Cafe here in town for a playdate!
I met my former co-workers from Hot Off the Press: Sherry (former editor), Laura (current in house designer) and Jacie (former graphic artist) for some girl talk and girl time! The only thing missing was our dear friend Paris (although you were there in heart and spirit P!)

I then took advantage of the weather and took The Happiest Dog in the World, Simba, to the dog park to meet up with my other friend Jaci and Simba's girlfriend, Mokie. Here the love birds, um I mean dogs, are on the park bench (Simba's on the right).
We then asked a lady if she wouldn't mind taking a photo of the 4 of us. Here are her attempts...
Needless to say, we asked the wrong person. Obviously she's not a photographer. It was painful. All the time and effort she put into it and this is what she got. So then I decided to take a photo of Jaci and i together. I just held the camera out in front of us and clicked...
See how sunny it was???

Then tonight I dropped Kaelin at gymnastics (with the holiday break and then the flu fiasco she hadn't been in over a week!) and went to watch Dave coach the Southridge High School Girls Varsity team play against my High School Alma Mater, Kentwood High School, from Kent, Washington! SRHS is hosting the Nike NW Invitational through Saturday and the teams in town playing in the tourney are:

Sacramento, CA
St. Mary's, CA
Regis Jesuit, CO
Central Catholic, OR
Southridge, OR
Sunset, OR
Tualatin, OR
Kentwood, WA

NOTE: I can't take any good indoor basketball shots with the lighting in the gym, my zoom lens (not enough lights get in) and the movement!!!! Here's proof we played them though...

Unfortunately, "we" lost. But "we" also won. :)

Here's what the program had to say about Kentwood: "Veteran team that returns 8 players from last year's team. Lindsey Moore (Nebraska) and Jessie Genger (4 year starter) will lead this team. Kentwood has been one of the top teams in WA for a number of years with their highest finish of 3rd at the state tourney in 08. A team loaded with outstanding all-around guard play. KW is considered a pre-season State Championship contender for 08-09."

Also, news on one of their guard Moore: "Moore signed w/Nebraska and is one of the top guards on the West Coast. She was offered more than 50 D1 scholarships. She eventually chose Nebraska over UW, Iowa State and Boise St."

and SRHS: "SR has played in the Final 4 of the OR state playoffs for 6 consecutive seasons and are the OR State large classification 4-time defending State Champs. SRHS is coming off a season in which they finished ranked #20 in the USA Today National Poll and #15 in the Full Court Press Poll - the 4th time in 4 years they have finished in the Top 25 of a National Poll. SRHS enters the season ranked 16th in the ESPN West Regional Poll. Losing 7 seniors from the 08 roster, the 08-09 team will be very young, lead by returning starters Ali Greene (2011)and Allie Brock (2010).

So that was my night.

Other happenings or rather "mishaps" from this week:

Not only is my Jeep Cherokee in the shop with an oil leak, but our dryer decided to die yesterday as I was trying to catch up on Mt. Laundry after being down with the flu since Sat. night! We had been having to wash bedding alot over the last week and our dirty clothes got backlogged! I joked on my Facebook Wall that "my family is one pair of underwear away from going commando!" and that really wasn't a joke!!! My step father in law was so kind to come over today to try and help Dave fix it, but now it's in pieces and they need a part (we hope that's it). Tomorrow I will need to find a laundromat. :(

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my Writing Workshop girls to continue writing on our own, and Kaelin has gymnastics, Dave has the hoop tourney and Spencer has a Middle School Dance. Look out!

And the flu thing. We had about 25-30 people at my Gramps in Enumclaw, WA for Turkey Day and I know of 11 now who came down with the flu several days later. Most of them lasted 24 hours. Since I don't have an immune system, I think it hung on much longer. I even got a flu shot - twice!!! Just how I wanted to spend my time off of chemo...with the flu! NOT!

Ok, so that is my soap opera of a life from the last week. Bah Humbug on Christmas I tell ya! I'm cancelling it! (Dear Santa...Shauna would really like a new dryer for Christmas and her family would like new underwear!!! lol)

Missed my support group girls this week. Didn't want to get them sick. (missed you most Jo!)

Hope my buddy Paris is hanging in there and feeling better and I hope she'll let me know if she needs anything at all!

Waving to my lost but now found friend.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Peace out.


KR said...

Have fun with your writing today, Shauna. Be sure to post any and all results you can.
And...good luck on the laundomat issue - yuck.

Paris said...

So sorry that I missed the playdate. You girls are so thoughtful w/the card, notecards and flowers. I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends. I'm hanging in there... still in quite a bit of pain and uncomfortable. Got some sleep but not a lot. I think I'm gonna make it though ;) Thanks for all of your love and support. Jim has me set up with the laptop, and lots of pillows and blankies (and good drugs!) so I'm glad to get back in touch w/everyone. Talk soon. Love ya, p

My name is Shanna said...

Hey girlie... hilarious pics. That poor lady. lol

I just wrote to Paris (and you sorta) on her blog about the whole 'hum bug' attitude. Gotta stop that. SO many things to focus on for good. I know things are not the same when there is no money or other challenges, but if there is one thing I have learned from you, things are not as important as people. Opportunities are all around us if we open our hearts and minds to them.

Anyway, just wanted to share some of the strength and love that you give me. Hang in there with recovering from the flu, dryer troubles, and car troubles. To parallel... Chris was sick and home for 2 weeks, I got laid off and within one week had to replace my car battery and buy 2 new tires, our dryer crashed a month ago and still sits waiting the part that hubby 'hopes' will make it work again. All very tough things, but after losing Darlene and seeing so many others struggle, I am grateful for what I do have and what is going right.

Love and hugs, Shanna

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing you and Simba on our "Doggie date." What a gorgeous day! I didn't get anything done but was sooo happy spending the time in the sun with you and the pups. Remember you can bring your clothes here to dry, we don't live that far away!

UGH on everyone being sick. I still think it was the Noro virus not flu but WTH do I know. I still have to get my flu shot, glad the girls have theirs.

Enjoy the weekend!


Angie said...

hang in there! big hugs...
p.s. what's wrong w/Paris? Off to check her blog!

JO said...

Looks like you have been having fun. So glad that you are over the flu. Hey, during your chemo break, you are suppose to be feeling great instead of throwing up, etc.

We have been at basketball games all weekend. But still not as busy as you!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Love ya, JO

Loni said...

This made me laugh, and reminded me of the year that Scott and I bought each other half of a couch for Christmas.