Friday, January 23, 2009

In the City by the Bay (San Fran Day 1)

So to continue my 43rd Birthday festivities, and stretch out my birthday to a whole week, my best UCLA college friends and I planned a reunion for this weekend in San Francisco, the City by the Bay. I wasn't sure how I would feel or if I'd be able to go. It depended on my new Chemo side effects, which was unknown at the time. I'm handling the chemo really well so far. Biggest complaint is the numbness in my hands and feet and the fatigure.

So, I packed up and I Flew into San Francisco last night. Sheila flew down to Portland from Seattle so she could fly with me. Phil flew in from Maryland about the same time and we took a cab to the Palace Hotel. We unloaded our luggage and then went next door to Koyoya for Sushi.

And then we went to the hotel bar, The Pied Piper at The Maxfields and we talked about old times some more. It's fun how each person remembers different things.

We're waiting for Rachel (from DC) to arrive at the hotel now. Phil has a business meeting and dinner today. Joni (southern cal) arrives about 330pm.

Here are some photos from last night, day 1 of our adventure:

Phil and Sheila hanging out at the Pied Piper Bar in the Palace Hotel.
The 3 of us after arriving, getting dinner at Koyoya, a Japanese restaurant.

Phil and his California Roll dish.
I got the vegetarian rolls.

Sheila got the Sushi "Celebration" and boy, did it look like something to celebrate!!
Sheila and her Celebration rolls.

I'll try and keep you updated over the weekend as best I can!!! xoxoxox Shauna


Anonymous said...

So glad you are having fun. Sheila's sushi platter looked amazing. When I first looked at yours I thought there was a banana slug on the bottom of the plate, definately made me look again!

Have a blast!!!


Paris said...

Fun times!! So glad you are able to have this adventure with your old pals... and in SF!! One of my favorite cities ever. Love all the photos and cannot wait to see more. Miss you tons but so happy for you :) Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

Hi Shauna,

I am so glad you are having some fun there. I have not spoken to you in such a long time but I would love to!

Love, Jane xoxo

Nightscrapper said...

Sounds like your trip started out on a fun note. Glad you were feeling well enough to keep your plans.