Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sting Swarms the Gladstone Hoop Tourney

Dave is coaching Kaelin's basketball team this season for the first time. They are the same girls as most of her Red Magic Soccer team, plus two others. They are called "The Sting". Scott Zanon is helping coach as well. Our kids have grown up playing on the same teams since we live in the same neighborhood and have kids exactly the same ages. They are mostly 5th grade girls, except three of them (Kaelin, Claire Zanon and Bella) are 4th graders. They are all very athletic and what is cool is that they know each other so well from playing on the same soccer team for years. Most of them will be going to Southridge High School eventually (where Dave coaches the varisty girls), so they are learning early the fundamentals needed to play in that program!

Kaelin missed last hoop season because of her broken hand. And these girls have never played a game all together and the snow has hindered their practice time, so we weren't sure how they would do in this 5th Grade tourney this weekend. I have to admit, we were all very suprised at how well they actually did! They came out and played hard and took a lot of us by surprise and ended up winning the tourney!

They proved to be more of a defensive team than an offensive team, winning their games 25-14, 22-6 and 14-6. But that will come with time and just goes to show you how defense wins games! :) I have to say they played much better on Saturday than their 8am Sunday morning performance, but hey, we were all still asleep so I can't blame them!
Dave was very proud of his girls and HIS girl in particular. He loves coaching her! She thinks too much out there on the floor, not really having a good feel for the game yet, and taking everything so literally, but she'll do fine. She's got a good looking shot, some great defense and great rebounding skills already. I'm sure she'll be taking after her dad in the hoop deptartment. We have to remember that she is a year younger than most of the girls too. And as she adjusts to the speed of the game being so much quicker than soccer, she'll fit right in.

After the games on Saturday, almost all of the girls from the team had to run off and play a 220pm indoor soccer game too! They did great, winning 11-3! Dave's SRHS girls team won that night too, so it was a very successful, sports filled weekend! (not to mention our BRUINS!) Tonight The Sting gets to play at the half time of the SRHS Boys Varsity game, that should be fun!! Gotta remember the camera!!! I'll be sad to miss the tournament next weekend, as I'm going to the beach with Paris, Sam and my friend Loni for some girl bonding time. :) Can't wait!

I'm waiting for my oncologist to get back to me on my CA125 and CT scan results. Hopefully they are better than I expect. I meet with her and chemo is supposed to resume Monday, the 12th. :( Boo!!! HIss!!!

I am in the process right now of writing a long blog post, summing up the great of 2008, so check back soon! It's taking me awhile as I have to read through the last year and link events and download photos etc! But I promise you it will be a fun one!! And I think I'll make a version to send out as our Christmas (aka Spring) cards! ;)

Loves to you all!!


Paris said...

Great pics and huge congrats on all those wins! Incredible! Talented bunch of folks :) Looking forward to our weekend away. It will be awesome! I am keeping everything crossed for good luck on your test results. I hope everything is A-ok :) Thanks for all your support w/this whole Ginger thing. She is home for the evening. Hope she does okay now. Love, p

JO said...

Nice pictures and glad the gals won their games. I know what you mean about Dave enjoying coaching Kaelin. Denny coached Justin and loved it.

I will be anxious to hear about your test results. I know they will be good.

Hope to see you Wednesday. I am bringing a new gal to our meeting.

Have fun at the beach!

Love ya, JO