Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad News

Got my CA125 (cancer marker that is a trend to watch for my cancer) back today.
Last month it was 112.
When I was diagnosed in June 2006, it was 174. The highest it's been.
After my surgery in June 2006 and with chemo through a good part of 2007, it had gone down to 22. The lowest it's ever been.
My bloodwork from last week came back and it's up to 143. :(
Which means the chemo (carboplatten) probably isn't working.
I'm supposed to get a CT scan this week, and that should give us more info. If it's changed for the worse, or not changed, then we will probably switch back to Folfox/avastin (every other week).
That's geared more towards GI based cancers.
That one had the side effects of the naropathy (numbness in hands and feet) and the cold trigger.
I'm bummed.
I had a feeling things weren't going the way they should though. I can feel it inside me. :(

At least I had a good day today.
Got a load of laundry done.
I walked 40' UPHILL with Paris.
Went to the chiro to deal with the MVA effects from being rear-ended 10-17-07.
Talked to Janelle on the phone.
Got a call from Ellen, and met her at Borders to go book shopping and lunch. Got my very favorite coffee drink.
And then met Paris and Natalie and got a manicure (they got pedicures).
Picked up the kids.
Tried to take a little nap with Simba at my feet. Ended up reading "Marley and Me" instead. Laughed out loud!!!!
Paid the bills (very late).
And now I'm waiting to hear from Ellen because I think we're going to go see a Chick Flick tonight. Good thing since I need something to take my mind off of this CRAP now.

Have some shows to watch tonight (American Idol and Dancing with the Stars!).

I'm always grateful to see another Tuesday.

Hope you all had a good Tuesday and got more good news than bad news.
Sometimes life just sucks really alot ya know???



Paris said...

Well, crud. That just stinks. I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully the next chemo drugs will work better. They have to!!

It was so good to see you today. I really enjoyed our walk and the pedicure was just what I needed after dealing with my crazy work stuff.

Please know that I'm here for anything and everything. We will fight this darn cancer together, my friend.

Love you, p

Anonymous said...

DAMN. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the CT scan gives a clearer picture of what is going on.

I'm with Paris on this one Shauna, WE will all fight this dang disease with you. Team SHAUNA! Love you dear friend.

My name is Shanna said...

Well, hell. Darn numbers. Time to find warmer foods that you enjoy... how about chicken stir fry with Bragg's? I happen to eat that all the time, thanks to you! :o)

Okay, the fight is on! Keep on walking. That does you a world of good... builds strength, is a great outlet for stress and worry, and gives you much needed time with Miss Paris. I am so impressed with your UPHILL challenge too. Go kick some uphill ass! lol

My hubby sends his love and is offering to send me over to visit. I think he is tired of my crabby self. I am actually feeling much better than I was and am slowly coming out of the darkness. Guess you are in for some sunshine! Are ya ready?? lol

Hugs and love from both myself and my spouse.
Wish I were there to share in your productivity. Guess I will have to settle for watching Idol now and commenting on it tomorrow.

xoxo, Twin

JO said...

Hi Shauna:

Hang in there. This darn cancer has gotten you down before and you have always been able to bounce back. I am sure you can do it again. You have so many people that love you and are with you, fighting your cancer. Stay strong. Love ya, JO

Bev said...

Dear Shauna, Paris forwarded me your results this morning. I am so sorry and pray that you have good results from the next treatments. I keep you in my prayers and am thankful you and Paris have such a strong friendship. She is a wonderful daughter and am so proud of the way she takes such good care of those she loves. Thanks for the Christmas picture and thanks also for your blog. You have a real talent for writing. Be strong. Love, Bev

Jean said...

well that just stinks, shauna!!!
Why cant anything be simple? I sure hope that there is some drug out there that will kill this horrible disease.
Hang in there..Try to stay positive. Great job on the walking. Wish i could join you and Paris!
Sending hugs your way!!

Jean said...

well that just stinks, shauna!!!
Why cant anything be simple? I sure hope that there is some drug out there that will kill this horrible disease.
Hang in there..Try to stay positive. Great job on the walking. Wish i could join you and Paris!
Sending hugs your way!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna,
Sorry to hear about the numbers. Is there anything Team Immel needs? We'd still love to have you guys down this summer, let me know if it works

nic said...

I agree - dang numbers! grrr! Keep fighting them, you have a huge army behind you.
I read about your walk with Paris and thought the same thing -wish I could be there to walk with you! I'd love that!

laura said...

shauna - nic is on to something. we ARE all there walking with you in our own way. i'm glad you were able to go out and have such a great day with friends, and keep your mind positive.

as far as the ca125 marker goes, i know you'll just give it the big ole bird and fight on. this sucks. big (((((((HUGS))))) from ca. love you.

Hilary said...


So sorry to hear about the marker number. Yuck! We're thinking about you in Seattle.



Heather said...

Damn numbers... I hate numbers... I'm thinking of you. Keep on keeping on my friend, and know we're all there behind you. Sending love,

Soochal said...

yep, sometimes life really does suck. i'm sorry to hear your counts have changed as they have, but keep fighting! different chemos, different outcomes. and you have such a supportive group of friends and family that surrounds you! lean on them, on me, we are all fighting this with you.

as for paris, well, she just sounds like your own personal bomb diggity! you go, girl! =)