Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Warriors

It's been one of those weekends! We went to a 3rd grade girls pool party on Friday. It was great to escape the near 100 degree weather in some cool water with some great school friends! They spent the entire time having contests off of the diving board, from model poses, animal impersonations to ugly people and most athletic. Kaelin won "most athletic" jump off the board. I took over 200 photos with my digital camera in the 2 hours we were there!

The only time Kaelin took a break from the pool and contests was when they announced that there were cookies to be had! She was the first one out of the pool!Friday night after the pool party we went to sushi and the movies to see "Prince Caspian" (the sequel to the Chronicles of Narnia movie) with a school friend and her mom. We ran into another school friend while we were there, so it was great fun for the 3 girls to sit together.
Saturday morning Kaelin had her last soccer game. She wasn't feeling very well, but played anyways. They won 8-0. Instead of playing keep away, the other team opted to put in all 14 of their players on the field against our 8 and kept playing. It was great fun to see our girls keep control of the ball, even with 14 vs 8!
Kaelin had her professional dance photos and so she had to get all made up with makeup and costume. Afterwards we had lunch with a friend and then we went to her team party at the coaches house. We were there from 630-11pm! We all had a great time. What a great bunch of girls, siblings and parents. It's nice when you play on the same team for several years, you really build relationships and bonds and friendships with everyone involved.
Today we took it easy and then Kaelin had a birthday party at the gymnastics place. They ran around like crazy for an hour and a half. Tonight the kids and I ordered pizza and watch "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Dave left Friday at noon and didn't return home until 9pm Sunday night!
Only 3 weeks left of school and then it's summer vacation!!!! So we have a very busy schedule coming up.
I'm guessing my CT Scan results will be in Monday. I'm bracing myself for the news.
I hope you all had great weekends and were Weekend Warriors too.


Paris said...

Whew... made me tired just reading about your weekend ;) What great pics of K! Glad Dave made it home safe. Hope it was a great tournament for them. So good to talk to you tonight. Miss you lots, and will look forward to walking with you this week. I just know the test results will be fine, and if not we just figure out a new plan of attack. Just keep fighting, eh?

Sweet dreams. Love, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Wow - what a busy weekend you had! Great pics and congrats to K's team. I am hoping for the best with the results!


My name is Shanna said...

Your weekend sounds insane and familiar. ;o)

I will give you a call in a bit and see if we can connect. I miss ya!


Nightscrapper said...

Love the pics. K is always doing something active. You had a busy weekend. I think rest is what you need.