Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Results Are In

Email from my doctor today:

Hi Shauna. I am out of the clinic tomorrow, and so will e-mail you the results here, so you are not waiting until Wednesday when I return.Overall the results are stable. There was a little more fluid in the abdomen then on the last scan, next to the mass in the omental area that we have been following. The mass itself however has not grown, which is good news. The thickening of the bladder wall was improved, which is also good news.I think that the combination of the increase in fluid, along with the slight rise in the CA 125 as we had discussed, is enough change however to warrant a switch in the chemotherapy approach, as we had previously discussed.I would recommend a switch back to the FOLFOX/avastin, as we had discussed. Please let me know how you feel about this; if it is okay for us to plan for this, or if you want to discuss further. I will be working at the Sunnyside Hospital next week and so it looks like you will see one of my partners next week.There was also noted that you have a lot of stool in the colon ,and so constipation may be contributing to some of your symptoms as well. I will ask the nurses to call and talk to you about this to advise you on some things that may help.JL

The nurses called me this morning to advise me on starting a serious bowel program to deal with the constipation. The meds and chemo contribute to that, but they are also concerned that I may have a bowel obstruction or blockage. So I need to really focus on this and try to resolve it in the next few days. Overall, the findings are much better than I had anticipated, so I'm glad to hear that. I'm a little concerned about the bowel situation but will hope that it's just constipation and can be resolved. I know this is all TMI (too much info) but this is a serious problem that I know a lot of the ladies in my support group fighting cancer experience. It's one of their main complaints. The pain meds and chemo really mess up your pipes! I've also put a lot of weight on lately due to the chemo and steroids, fluid and probably the constipation issue. The fluid and weight issue plus the constipation have really made me feel "full" and my lungs seem crowded so I get out of breath easily. All of that was really making me worry. So here's hoping my bowel program of stool softeners and laxatives and avoiding dairy, bananas, white rice and applesauce will help to regulate me!! (how embarrassing is sharing all of this???)

Thanks for reading this far and for supporting me!



Paris said...

I definitely call that good news. So much better than you thought. We will get back to walking more again, and I bet that will make you feel better too. Also looking forward to all the yummo summer fruits and veggies. Your tummy will love those. I hope that the other chemo will get your numbers down where they need to be. Keep fighting the fight, my friend.

Enjoy your relaxing evening at home. Some good tv tonight! AI and DWTS finals! Go Kristi Y. and David C.!!

Love you,

JO said...

Hi Shauna:

I think your results were good. They could have been so much worse. I think you should take a copy of the email from Lycette to the meeting tomorrow and see what suggestions the gals have. It is always nice to get Wendy's and Fern's opinions. They are both so knowledgeable about our medical issues. It is nice to have a doctor and several nurses in our group.

See you tomorrow.

Love ya, JO

Rachel Forrester said...

Hi Shauna

Thanks for the update, I am still quietly following your progress in the back ground and think you are doing such a great job!
I used to get constipated when I was pregnant and if you think it is worth a try I used to eat 5-6 Anzac biscuits and that made me regular and it is a nicer way so thought maybe it was worth sharing?
(i used to call them shit bicuits hehe)

My name is Shanna said...

Yes, maam, that news is good! We will take it! A problem with your "poop chute" is something to work on, certainly, but likely manageable with meds and avoiding foods. How do ya feel about raisins, anyway? lol

I really am pleased to read your results and even more thrilled to read about all of the fun things you have coming up ahead of you! Enjoy Spencer's birthday! Does he perhaps need a Cappy Underpants book sent his way? ha ha ha *evil laugh*

Love you, big time!

Nightscrapper said...

Well, I've been MIA and haven't checked in on you. But you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad that your results were better than you had thought. Keep thinking positive!!