Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Good to be a Mom!

Here's the perfect card that Paris sent me for Mother's Day!!! Goes with the whole Superhero theme and all!

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my mom, not only because it's Mother's Day, but because her 63rd Birthday was yesterday!!!! Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!!!!!
My husband treated me to a new pink phone for Mother's Day. Isn't it cute? It's simple too. Just the way I like it. Check out the dinosaur I was using before. My husbands old PDA. I'm talking one of the first ones made! I hated that thing and I could never figure out how to work the darn thing! It was heavy and thick and ugly and just plain STUPID. I'm so happy to have a cute, cheap pink one that is user friendly!!! :)

I also got my air conditioning in my car fixed for Mother's Day. It was blowing HOT HOT HOT air and it's supposed to be 90 degrees this week. I don't do well with hot anymore. I will melt. This is the third thing we've had to fix on my car this month. I hope three times the charm and we're done for now.
I started to come out of my chemo stupor last night and was so so so happy to start to feel better again!!!!! I awoke this morning to the vacuum cleaner going full blast as my kids took turns vacuuming the different levels of our house! They treated me to Noah's Bagels and my favorite coffee drink on our way to pick up my car at the shop across town. Dave went to work and I locked us out of the house, so we killed time this afternoon at the dog park with Simba and driving around before Dave got home. We then all went to see the movie "Speed Racer" at the IMAX. I totally wanted to see it since it was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid and I had a big fat crush on Speed Racer when I was in 3rd Grade!!!! It was a pretty good movie. Very different. Good message. Not bad acting. A little overdone, but they wanted to make it look cartoony I guess.
After the movie Kaelin used some of her money she had been saving and bought a Speed Racer Wii game, so the kids ended out the day playing that while I cleaned up my desk and filed papers and Dave worked at his desk.

After being down for a week, I'm not even sure what this week has in store for us. Recap of last week: Kaelin enjoyed her class trip and they won their soccer game on Saturday (which I missed - that tells you how bad I was feeling!).

Now I'll leave you with a shot of "Birdie" peeking out from under his newspaper under his cage!!! It's his favorite spot!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day and that you made happy Memories!!!!


My name is Shanna said...

Love to you on Mother's Day, as well, my friend. I am caught up on things in your life and it sounds like you have found your mighty twin powers again! I am delighted to read that. Saves me the trouble of looking for them and sending them to you. lol

Lots going on here, but very slowly coming out of my dark place. Nice weekend and some sweet moments with family and friends. Lots to be thankful for. :o)

Hugs and love,

Paris said...

So glad you liked the card! I'm thrilled that you had an awesome Mom's Day. Just what you needed. It doesn't get any better than waking up to the sound of someone else vacuuming ;) That rocks! You are such a wonderful mom... your family is so lucky to have you :) Hope your mom had a good bday and mom's day too.

I'm really happy that you are feeling better too! Whew! Can't wait to walk and get caught up w/you.

Love you, p

laura said...

happy mother's day and lots of love! :)

Laura Nicholas said...

so glad to see you are feeling better. Happy mom's day to you - sounds like you had a great day. Sorry you locked yourself out of the house. You should check the secret place that we left a key when we were working on your room.... I bet it is still there... lol

And Happy bday to your mom - she is such a great lady....

Hugs to you my friend.