Thursday, May 1, 2008

Christmas in April, now May

So I finally got to some of my Christmas cards. Remember how proud I was of myself, getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and ordering my Christmas cards? I was determined to stay on top of the game. Well, that lasted all of what, 5 minutes? Life happened and I found myself with about 200 unaddressed Christmas cards. I kept meaning to send them. New Years came and went. Valentine's Day came and went. I came and went to Reno. I blinked and here it is April. Well, now it's May. I decided that since the postage was going up mid-May, I needed to finally get to my Christmas cards. I mean, I paid for them and had them sitting on my desk, I might as well send them out, better late than never right? I mean, maybe now that people don't have hundreds of other Christmas cards to read at the same time, they might actually get a chance to read it. And what a nice treat, stretching out Christmas like that. I actually have been carrying the Christmas cards around with me in the car, waiting for some free time here and there. Well, guess what I did the other day, when my car died and I was stranded for a couple of hours, waiting for a rescue? I addressed envelopes! So don't be suprised if you receive a Christmas card in May. I'm very late, as is my norm lately, but can I pull the cancer card and blame it on chemo brain too????? And don't be too concerned if you haven't received a card yet and expect one, I ran out of envies and had to order more. And if I don't have a current addie for you, then you are out of luck unless you email me your current one The photo on our Christmas card is from when we went to Disneyland in September 2007. When a lot of you helped us make that trip possible. Mickey and Minnie both are in the photo, because it's from our private Meet and Greet with the Fab 5 that was arranged especially for us! You can see how happy we all are. What great memories.

It's never too late to send Christmas cards to let people know you're thinking about them.




Laura Nicholas said...

I got mine yesterday! Thank you so much. Love the fact that you can get a christmas card anytime of the year... Awesome pic of the four of you too.


Paris said...

I got mine too :) Thanks so much! So great seeing you and Laura yesterday. Thanks for walking, too! I hope you have the most wonderful, relaxing day today! Stay in your jammies!! Love you, p

Soochal said...

I LOVE that you sent out Christmas cards in May! Ho Ho Ho! Oh, no - not you... I meant... ;)

Nightscrapper said...

Better late than never right??

I have 4 years of handmade Christmas cards sitting in my scrapbook room. My friends laugh at me because I haven't sent any out. I get all gunho over making them and then they just sit there. What fun though to have a little bit of Christmas all year round.

Angie said...

I hope I'm on your list. LOL

My name is Shanna said...

Merry Christmas!!! lol

I remember seeing them at the condo in Reno! Why again didn't we work on our things to do? lol Oh yes, cuz we were too busy watching movies, shopping for hats and listening to all of the songs on your iPod! ;o)