Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chemo: Just Another Reason to Hate Mondays...

I always get a little (ok, a lot) grumpy and stressed come Sunday before Chemo Mondays. My poor family. So much not to look forward to. The two weeks off go by so fast. Too fast. It's just a reminder too of what our situation is. And I worry about how my family will fare with me down for several days. So much to do, so little time. Even less time when you are down 1 week every month. It's kind of nice to feel a little normal for a couple weeks before facing chemo again. You are just so relieved and happy to feel good again. Here's hoping my blood work comes back normal tomorrow so I can get chemo. Even though I don't want it, I do. Makes no sense to me at all.

Ok enough for some good news and fun stuff!!
I need to thank my friend Angie in Indiana for sending me a Box of Hope this weekend!!!
Inside were two beautiful pictures to hang and a bunch of matted quotes having to do with "hope"! I love it! Thank you Angie!!!!!

I picked up my new glasses on Friday. Here's a photo where you can kind of see them, plus you can see how thick, dark and salt and peppery my hair is coming in! See the cute dragonfly on the sides? Our weekend was a whirlwind. Friday night Dave and the kids and I went to the movies and saw "Iron Man." It was a pretty good movie! A little violent with some shooting and blowing up stuff. But the acting was really good and it's been a long time since we went to a movie where it was hard to find seats together and where everyone clapped at the very end! If you go see it, stay through the credits. There's a suprise at the end! On Saturday, Kaelin had a soccer game, they won 5-1. After the game we declared every Saturday offical "Slurpee Day" (it's Kaelin's favorite treat! Mine too when I was a kid!)
Spencer spent all day Saturday at a classmate's Bar Mitzvah. He got picked up at 945am and returned home at about 1145pm after a day of ceremony and then dinner and dancing at The Portland Art Museum. Saturday night Kaelin had another dance competition (New York On Stage) at The Oregon Convention Center. Their Spider Dance won a Gold. (whatever that means?). Here group went on at 9pm, and even though we didn't stay for the 1010pm awards, we still got home late!
Sunday Classic Soccer tryouts started. Spencer tried out for a team that his friend is on from 11-1230pm (after that crazy day at the Bar Mitzvah and late night...) and then again from 6-730pm. They didn't go so well and he hasn't made the team yet. He can try again on Monday night from 730-9pm if he wants, but not sure he will. He's kind of lacking passion and confidence at this point. He's really been lost the last few years. Not sure if it's the adolescent thing and/or the whole situation with our battle with cancer. He's just lost interest in everything lately. Doesn't help that he hasn't been feeling well either.
It was the Spring Festival at school today, so we spent the middle of the day there. I volunteered in the craft room, helping kids etc. make fairy crowns and bookmarks, paint pots and decorate Mardi Gras type masks from 1245-145pm. Kaelin performed with her class (dance and instruments) and so she had to "dress up". This is her idea of "dressing up": skirt (only cuz she had to) with shorts underneath, tshirt with sparkly words (that's fancy right?), a hoodie in a color beside navy, black, or red and some Converse sneakers! After the performance, she and Spencer ran around with their friends and played the games and did the big slides and bouncey house and eat a lot of junk (sno cones, cotton candy, pizza) along with some fruit. Spencer and his 7th grade friends even brought a soccer ball and played a pick up game. At least he has passion for that. They play every day at break and lunch.

In between soccer and the Spring Fest, we hit the book store (the new Manga is out! Naruto #29!) and we took Simba to the doggie park for a serious romp!

Now we are all tuckered, beat and tired and Grumpy!!! Stick a fork in us, we're done!!!!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!!!!



Nightscrapper said...

I'm so sorry you have to go for chemo tomorrow. Totally sucks!! But, at least we know that your blood count is good. That's a plus!

Love the glasses. Dragonflies are one of my favorites! They look fab on you. I'm loving your hair too. I can see how thick it's growing in.

We love Slurpees too! Our favorite is banana. My kids would declare everyday Slurpee Day if we let them.

I think Kaelin looks great in her outfit. Val would say Converse goes with everything. The girls that are in the quincinera that I'm working on, want to wear converse with my pretty dresses. And Val is egging them on. I will die if they were converse with my dresses!!! LOL

Take one of your hope quotes with you to chemo, hopefully that will make things a bit better.

Laura Nicholas said...

oh my goodness - you had a crazy weekend! Sorry I took your blog title. You are the woman with words so I am surprised I came up with something before you.... lol Anyway, Sounds like you were on the go the whole time this weekend...

I love the glasses, they are perfect for you.

Hoping for the best today with chemo. Sending you huge hugs!

Paris said...

So nice to get caught up on your weekend after being gone. Love that you had some great times w/your family. We want to see that movie too. I bet Nat would love the idea of slurpee day!! That rocks. LOVE the pic of K in a skirt... what a beauty.

Sorry that you are not looking forward to your day. I just look at it as one day closer to kicking your cancer's butt. I will miss walking w/you this week though.

What a great box of hope from Angie. So thoughtful!!

And you look MARVELOUS in your new specks. What a stylin' babe!!

Love you,

Soochal said...

LOVE your new glasses! You look HOT HOT HOT!

I don't know how you have time to scratch your nose - you are the busiest person I know! What a weekend! But filled with good things and family time - and SLURPEES - sounds like it was a good kind of busy-crazy...

good luck today. you're in my prayers.

Angie said...

nYou weren't kidding when you said you had a crazy weekend!

Love the glasses.

Enjoy the hope! LOL
Big hugs.

Sande Krieger said...

Those new glasses are SAWHEET!!! You look very "
Greenwich Village" in your salt and pepper preppy do and those glasses!

Sorry it's a sucky Chemo Monday. I'm hoping that your blood count is where it needs to be and you see improvement!

Kaelin looks so cute in that outfit!

You're in my thoughts and prayers!