Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Technical Difficulties or Technology Challenged?

Where's my 12 year old when I need him? LOL

It seems everything in my life having to do with technology hasn't been working properly lately. And yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back. Was there a solar flare or something? Did I get in some time warp thing and experience Y2K?

First of all, my laptop wasn't connecting to the internet and I have no idea how to fix something like that. So I (or should I say "we" because the kids like to play their online games on it) had to wait for Dave to get around to dealing with it. Just like everything else around here.

Secondly, my PC has been acting up on me lately, crashing right in the middle of something important (very frustrating and causing me to avoid it!!!). Another thing waiting for Dave to deal with.

Thirdly, while walking with Paris on Monday, I noticed my IPod was stuck on the same song, playing it over and over and over again instead of shuffling through the playlist and playing a different song each time. Another thing for Dave, although he's not very versed in Ipods tech support.

Fourthly, my phone (or shall I say Dave's old one) has been freaking out for awhile now. My contact list wasn't working, there was a box that kept popping up on my screen constantly that said that if I didn't back up the info, I would lose it all immediately. ???? Another thing to wait for Dave. He did quickly look at it and couldn't help me. :(

Fifthly, our satelite TV was blipping in and out the other night. They did put up a screen that told me that though, so at least I know that I wasn't imagining things, and that it wasn't due to my lack of technical skills or knowledge.

And lastly, after dropping off the kids at school yesterday, I stopped at the bookstore for a total of 15 minutes. When I came out to my car, it was completely and totally dead to the world. I tried calling Dave to come rescue me, and he was on an hour long conference call. I finally got ahold of him and he came and jumped my car and followed me to Les Schwabb.

Les Schwabb replaced my battery and fixed a loose electrical wire and sent me on my way, $79 poorer. (could have been a lot worse though!). I then stopped in the Apple Store since I was next to the mall and talked to someone about my Ipod. He took a look at it and showed me how to take it off "repeat" and put it back on shuffle free of charge. LOL (what a simple solution, duh!). I then stopped at the Sprint Store across the street and they helped me with my phone. I guess the record button kept getting pushed accidently while in my purse or whatever and it had used up all of it's memory recording ramblings and background noise. He showed me a few other things too and sent me on my way free of charge. While I was out and about, Dave fixed my laptop and attempted (hopefully successfully???) to fix my PC. So I think we're good to go again around here. Sometimes I feel like a complete dork. Can I blame any of that on Chemo brain at least???? Menopause????

I've always said I had no left brain. I guess I just proved it.

Hope you're having a great week!


Paris said...

Your phone must still be freaking out... I haven't been able to get a hold of you all day!! I miss you!! Hope all of your techie things are fixed now. What a PITA!! Hate when stuff like that happens all at once. I totally depend on Jim and Nat for fixing stuff like that too. What would I ever do without them??!!! I have their backs in the food department though ;)

Looking forward to seeing you and Laura tomorrow. I have a hug to give you from Teri.

Love, p

JO said...

HI Shauna:

I know what you mean about everything going wrong at the same time. My day didn't end up like I thought it would today. I lost my VISA card after I used it at Joe's on my way to class. Not good! So I have spent the entire afternoon calling places where we automatically charge our bills on Visa. To top it off, I noticed that Dish Network has been charging us too much the last three months and when I called them they were not helpful so I became a "not so nice" person. Remember what we talked about in class today?! I was right there like the other ladies were talking about!

It is going to be a better day tomorrow......anyway, I hope so!

Love, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

oh girl - I am right there with you. If the boys change anything on the computer or tv or whatever, I need to have them come back and change otherwise I am lost... I still can't record on a VCR and we dont even have one anymore...

Hope tomorrow is a better day and can't wait to see you tomorrow over coffee with Paris! Oh shoot - we have a pile of stuff for you at work, newsletters and such and I forgot them. Well, we will just have to have coffee again soon....


Nightscrapper said...

Must be in the air! I feel like everything I touch is breaking. Hubby's out of town so I'm left to deal or not deal with it. Wish I could twitch my nose and be done.

Hope tomorrow is better!

ali said...

LOL Shauna! Isn't that the way it always goes....when one thing stops working, everything does! I'm glad you are "up and running"! LOL! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours I guess. I'm also not a techno person, thus the DVD hasn't worked since Nov and I haven't touched it. Computer needs work too, no touchie! And I don't have a Dave that can fix-it...maybe I can borrow him...ha!

So fun to walk with you and Simba. Love having time to chat with you and my puppy dog does so enjoy your puppy dog! Missed having Kaelin in the car with the girls though.

Hopefully today is a better day, the sun in shining, the air is fresh...I'm happy!

Hugs! Jaci