Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soccer's a Kick in the Grass!

The Red Magic won their game today, 5-0. They were up 5-0 about 1/2 way thru the first half and had to spend the rest of the game playing keep away. The other team had red jersies too, so our team wore the yellow pennies so we could tell them apart better! The coach moved them around a bit today, so Kaelin got a chance to play midfield and defense for a change. She really enjoyed that and said "it was fun!"

This next photo shows you how much bigger the other teams usually are. There are 3 girls on Kaelin's team that are 3rd graders, including her. The others are in 4th grade and the whole team is playing up in the 5th grade level, so they are quite a bit smaller! But they sure pack a punch for their size!

You probably think I favor my younger child since I never have any photos of Spencer on here! First of all, he's at the age where he won't let me take photos of him anymore. And secondly, he's pretty much quit all of his extracurricular activities and I don't have the opportunities anymore!
Today I dropped him off at the bowling alley to meet up with the Japanese Club (it wasn't cool for mom to stay and take photos of them bowling...). After they bowled, they went out for Sushi together. While he was doing that, I went next door to Borders Books and read my book. That was a nice treat.
We really don't have much else planned this weekend. Dave has a shooting clinic in Newberg tonight and basketball tomorrow too.
Last night Spencer went to work on a science project at his friends house and Kaelin and I went to the movies and saw "Forbidden Kingdom" with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. It actually was an interesting story and OMG the martial art fight scenes were incredible. Just absolutely amazing. I've got to get my kids back into martial arts. Spencer's a yellow belt and really enjoyed it. We've just had our hands full the last several years and it costs money. Why does everything have to cost money? LOL
Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine like we are!!
Have a great weekend!


Paris said...

Once again, great pics of K! Congrats to her team. Hope S had fun bowling and eating sushi! How fun! Sitting at Borders sounds like the perfect Saturday thing to do! Hope the rest of your weekend is fun!

Wanna walk on Monday morning?? Maybe even tomorrow?


Laura Nicholas said...

great pics! what a beautiful day from what we have been having. Sounds like you are having a good weekend.


Nightscrapper said...

My James is just like Spencer, hates to have his pic taken. Must be a 12 yr. old thing. Now Tiff on the other hand loves her pic taken.

Kaelin is quite the soccer player. Love the pics.