Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

A few photos from Kaelin's dance performance today at St. Mary's. Her Elite Acro 3 group did the "Spiderdance". Her costume is kind of a cross between a spider and a bat! Funny thing about this whole thing is that Kaelin is TERRIFIED of spiders. I am not kidding. This girl freaks at insects. That and fire. She's scared of fire too. Her big phobias. She's not as tough as she wants people to believe!
Afterwards, we went and saw the movie "The Island of Nim". The kids liked it. I thought it was so-so. Jodie Foster was in it and man, her acting was horrible I thought. That suprised me!
Tomorrow I'm working out and then do my blood tests to see if my platelets are elevated enough to do chemo at 1pm. Spencer has a private lesson with Dave and 5 other 7th graders from his class at The Hoop at 4pm and Kaelin has Rhythmic Gymnastics from 530-830pm. So we have a busy day ahead of us.
Somewhere along the way I need to get the laundry done, the sheets on our beds changed and my house picked up and put back in order. Along with going through the pile of mail and paperwork that has piled up on the counters and my desk. Things are feeling out of control. Could be that I avoided all of my responsibilities this week and sat in Starbucks (my "office") for 3 days and read books and sipped java.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Love to you all!


Paris said...

Adorable pics of K... what a cool costume. Hope chemo works out okay, and that you make it through your crazy day. Wish I could walk w/you... this head cold sure did catch me by surprise. Hit me like a ton of bricks last night :( Talk to you later on. Love, p

Anonymous said...

Hi Shauna,
so fun to see you yesterday and watch the spiders together. I'm hoping they get it together for next Sat, not sure what was going on, changes, nerves? Feel like both shows consumed my Sunday but it was fun to see and catch-up with friends.

Hugs dear friend!

Nightscrapper said...

Love Kaelin's costume. She a cute spider...I'm afraid of spiders too!

I hope everything goes well with your blood work. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm jelly of your 'office'! Would love to have an office in a coffee house.