Thursday, April 24, 2008

More dark writing...

Some things I wrote the other night after coming out of my chemo fog and not being able to fall asleep until 8am!

The Storm by Shauna Berglund-Immel

The storm came in
quick and unexpected.
One day all was clear.
Blue skies and rainbows.
and the next...
dark clouds and thunder.
One minute all was well
with the world.
and the next...
Nothing would ever be right again.

Despair by Shauna Berglund-Immel

I have sobbed
a storm of sadness.
A torrential rain of tears.
A downpour of despair.
I have wept
until no tears remain.
I have cried
every last drop.
My sorrow is
empty and dry.
I have no tears left to spill.

That Once by Shauna Berglund-Immel

A chill set in over the valley.
Cold, dense and dark.
A fog creeped in
like an angry pack of bees.
Blocking out the light
that once warmed my skin.
That once lit my face.
My hope. My happiness.
Filling the peaceful air with
a monotonous hum that never stops.


Jean said...

You are an amzaing writer. I can read your pain in these ones so clearly and I hate it!!!
hang in there girlfriend!!!

Laura Nicholas said...

I totally agree with Jean, here. I can see how much pain this on you. I so wish we could just snap our fingers and all could be right in the world again. why is this happening????

And why are you up so late???

Hugs to you my friend.

Paris said...

I hate that you are in pain as well. You have such a gift through your writings, and you are so brave to share them. This last week was so hard... no one should have to endure such sadness. It looks like the sun might peek out today... finally. I hope it lifts your spirit, and I hope we can walk again soon. Love to you, p

Nightscrapper said...

Your writings are very moving. I'm amazing at what a wonderful author you are. You words and emotion are so's like I can feel, see, touch, smell and hear them. Wow!! You blow me away.