Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Peaceful Warrior

Has anyone seen this movie or read this book? We watched it tonight. It has great life lessons in it. It's very inspirational, motivating and thought provoking. It's about living in the now. This moment. Very deep stuff!

A little catch up from the weekend:

Friday my chemo was canceled because my platelets were low. So it was rescheduled for Monday. Was glad not to go through it, but was sad that it will mess up my schedule next week. I'm hoping to be good to go by Sat. for a 9am soccer game and a dance competiton in the afternoon. May have issues driving Wed - Fri too. We'll see how I feel and if Dave or someone can cover the kids.

A little good CA125 after my first round of carboplatten went down from 127 to 112. Not significant, but moving in the right direction. Normal is 35 or less. My oncologist talked about getting another CT scan after the next round to see what those spots on my omentum and bladder are doing.

A little bad Bruins lost. I had a bad feeling after seeing Memphis crush Texas last week. I knew it was going to be a tough one for us. Both of my teams from my brackets lost (NC and UCLA) so I'm out of the running for the winnings. Now who to cheer for, Memphis or Kansas? I'd go with the underdog, but there isn't one!

Last night I had the priveledge of attending a suprise bday party for a dear friend at the Capitol Cafe and Bistro. Great food, great conversation and great company. I think all of the ladies had a great time. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

And today Elizabeth spoiled me rotten and treated me to a manicure! :) Thank you!!!! Man, a girl could used to that! I just got a french manicure, but Elizabeth got all glamorous with gold polish for the school auction tonight and both of her daughters got funky flowers and gems painted on theirs! It's amazing what they do with nails nowadays!

We spent the morning at Kaelin's soccer game. Her team won 8-3, but every time they were up by 5 pts, they weren't allowed to score. Boy was it sure cold this am!!! The coach said Kaelin had some great crosses, but that what he found funny is that on a balance beam, Kaelin would have the best balance out of everyone, but on the soccer field, she can't seem to keep her balance! She ended up on the wet grass alot. No wonder she was so cold! Looking at the photos I took, I think I've found the problem. When she kicks, her whole body twists around. That has to throw her off! Check out the photo to see what I'm talking about!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We're spending Sunday at a dance performance! Kaelin's Spiderdance Elite Acro group is performing at the Spring Showcase at St. Mary's in downtown at 4pm!


Paris said...

I think The Peaceful Warrior is a good title for you... your superhero! I have not heard of it, but what a great title. I'll check it out.

Glad you had a fun time at Elizabeth's party... I think I misheard you and thought it was a party for K!! What a dork I am. And what fun to do a manicure.

Sorry about your bruins. That stinks.

So happy that your ca numbers are down. What a relief.

It is before 6AM and I'm rushing off to the show. I'll catch up w/you later. I'm so stinking tired... and it will be so cold out there. Ugh. Better be worth it ;)

Have fun at the dance thing today.

Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Congrats to K on the win. But wow - a picture says it all - she really does get twisted around.

Sounds like you have been busy. So good to hear about the CA numbers going down - good news is good news.

Sorry about the Bruins. I had NC and UCLA in the finals too and if NC won - I would of had it. So I am out now. I was so close for totally guessing.

Have fun at the dance event. I will be cleaning house and making a pot of chili. Family coming over for Jake's bday. He just wants pie... No birthday cake - just pie.

Better get to my day - miss you!

barb said...

Sneaking over from Nic's blog to say hi. I always feel embarrassed to do so, since you don't know me from Adam, but I wanted to send a word of encouragement and let you know I'm out there, somewhere, thinking of you and praying for the best.

Great soccer photos, btw! There's still a TON of snow on the ground where I am. It's hard to believe our fields will thaw and dry out in time for the outdoor season in seven weeks!

JO said...

Hi Shauna: Bummer about your chemo being postponed but you were probably able to enjoy your weekend more. Good luck on Monday. Glad you CA125 was done. That's going it the right direction. Hope all of you enjoyed the dance performance. On Wednesday, I would be happy to drive you to and from our support group meeting. REALLY. Just let me know. Love, JO

Nightscrapper said...

Awesome to hear that your count is headed in the right direction. Every little bit counts!

Great pics of Kaelin. I miss Tiffani playing soccer. I loved sitting on the sidelines!

Haven't read that book, but I will check it out.