Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cross another thing off "My Bucket List!"

#20 on My Bucket List is to take Kaelin to see Cirque du Soleil.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day. Last night (Friday), spur of the moment, I went online and bought tickets for my mom, Kaelin and I for the 8pm show tonight (Saturday) as a early Mother's Day gift for my mom and I, and a birthday gift for Kaelin. I wasn't going to do it because I couldn't really afford it, but then everyone I talked to told me "YOU HAVE TO TAKE KAELIN!" And then the other day, Kaelin says to me, "Mom, we haven't seen Cirque du Soleil yet and it ends on Sunday!" I decided that this could be the rest of her birthday gift to go along with her new soccer ball. And's on My Bucket List!!! Or it WAS! We had fun on the bike taxi from the parking lot to the tent. And the bicyclist took a great photo of the three of us together! Three generations! And might I add...what an awesome 85 degree day!!!!

We've never been to a Cirque du Soleil and OMG (oh my gosh!) it was amazing!!! Spectacular!Mesmerizing! Breathtaking! We were sitting on the edge of our seats the entire 2 hour show!! The acrobatics and tricks they performed were incredible. And with Kaelin being an elite acrobat herself, she could really appreciate the difficulty, strength and hard work it took. And being a rhythmic gymnast, she found the hoop and club (jugglers) tricks facinating. I think we all decided that the couple on the ropes were our favorite. Wow. I am speechless!

Well, we ended our day with Cirque Du Soleil, but we started our day with a 9am soccer game! Kaelin had an outstanding game and they won 5-0. Once they were up by 5 goals, they could only work on their passing as they weren't allowed to score any more out of respect for the other team. They were phenomenal in their control and teamwork today. Kaelin played right wing today and she made some amazing crosses, moves, passes and plays and set up some great goals.

One of the moms brought snacks from a Mexican bakery for after the game. Unfortunately Kaelin has her eyes closed in the next photo, but her smile says it all and check out the whip cream on her chin. It was so funny how most of the girls all had whip cream somewhere on their faces!

After the soccer game, Kaelin's Elite Acrobatics group had another Dance Competition. Here she is warming up before the competition. Their spider costumes are hot, so they put those on at the last minute. The middle splits, or straddle splits (probably her biggest strength)...

chest/chin stand....

All of the girls lined up in a line warming up their ripple and posing....

Kaelin and I after the show. Check out my hair growing in all salt and peppery. Check out my "faux hawk" too! Check out some spider photos here

A shout going out to Jaci for treating me to a pedicure on Friday! Check out my purple toes with flowers! They are smiling back up at me! (it's hard to see, but there is a rhinestone in the center of the flower). They make me so very happy!!! :) Thank you Jaci! And thanks to Yayoi for treating me to lunch at Fo Van afterwards! I was spoiled rotten and had the greatest day!!!


Paris said...

SOOOOOOOOO glad that you girls went to see Cirque!! Woo Hoo!! Great pics! Love all the pics of K too... she is amazing. Such the Gumby girl!! I would break something if I attempted any of those maneuvers (and Nat said that I would look like a dork too--LOL)!! Love your toesies too!! Cute! Glad that you had a spectacular weekend-- you deserved it. I sure did miss you. I had a great weekend w/Sam but am glad to be home safe and sound. Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Wow - you have had a busy weekend. What fun! Love the pics!
you look great and K - OMG, those splits make me hurt looking at them.


Soochal said...

What a wonderful day! I've been lucky enough to see a few CdS shows and they are just amazing! You never know where to look! And the music is beautiful, too - I have a couple of cds that I play in the car. =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shauna, I'm so glad that all of your girls got to see Corteo! Amazing, truly amazing. Loved seeing you, Dave and Kaelin at the competition. I'm so proud of these girls, they pulled it together so nicely. Glad we worked the mani/pedi's in too. I've wanted to do that with you forever and am glad we finally got away. It won't be our last, that's for sure. A gal can never be pampered enough!
Hugs! Jaci

My name is Shanna said...

Wooooo hooooo!! SO GLAD that you all went to see Cirque! Is it not the BEST show ever!??!?! Scott and I LOVED every second of Varekai when we went. Oh, makes me long to see another show! What a fabulous idea to go for bday round out and Mom's Day! Nice.

Thanks for the call yesterday. I missed ya cuz I was in church listening to the sermon. lol Fortunately, I remembered to silence my phone, THIS time. lol I often forget and then I stress the entire time I am singing worship songs at the mic. It would pretty much stink to have my phone ringing in the middle of the set on the front pew.

Lots to catch you up on... I am a neglectful blogger too. Can't wait to talk with you soon and hoping you were able to have chemo today.

Big hugs and love. Miss you too.

laura said...

YAY!!! i'm so glad you went to see corteo! isn't cirque so awesome?!?!

DANG - kaelin is FLEXIBLE!! wowza. she's such a cutie! :)

ali said...

I had a big long post to you! Not sure where it went! :(

Sounds like a wonderful day! Full of Cirque, Soccer and Dance! Love it!

I love your faux hawk to, girl! Awesome!


Nightscrapper said...

Sounds like you girls had a great time. I'm totally impressed with how limber K is. Man, those splits!! OUCH!! Was many moons ago when I was able to do the splits.