Monday, April 7, 2008

Rock Stars

Here are a few photos from Berit's 40th Birthday party.

Our neighbor Steve (sitting inbetween us) picked us up in a limo to take us to his wife Berit's 40th Birthday party!

We had a great time and enjoyed playing "Who Know's Berit Best?" and watching/listening to partygoers kareoke. I think it was "Berit's Birthday Idol."

Here's a photo of Birthday Girl Berit (center) and her backup singers...

It was a great night! Thanks for including us and letting us be rockstars for a night!
Chemo update: my chemo was postponed again. I was supposed to get chemo on Friday, but my platelets were too low, so it got postponed til today. I went in this morning for my blood tests and now my platelets are fine, but my bone marrow is too low for chemo. If I were to get chemo, it would totally wipe out my whole immune system. I guess it's just the effects from the chemo. My body is tired from it and needs longer to recover. According to the doctor, there isn't anything I can do or take to help matters. Just time to recover. So now my chemo is postponed until next Monday, as long as my blood tests come back ok. This alleviates my driving problems this week and now I'll be good to go for the 9am soccer game and 145pm dance competition on Saturday. And I can go out to lunch with my friend Yayoi and to Sue's monthly craft night Friday. So there is good in the bad. Always gotta look for the good. My doctor is going to prescribe nupogen shots for me after this next chemo to help with my white blood cell count.I used to get those after chemos when I did the 11 rounds of folfox every other week in 2007. I never seemed to have a problem with my counts being too low after doing that. So cross your fingers, toes, eyes, legs and heart for me. I really need to stay on my chemo schedule so I can keep knocking my CA125 down. It went down from 127 to 112 after the last round of chemo, and normal is 35 or below. I've got a ways to go still...
I'm excited for the championship game tonight. Kansas vs Memphis. I think Memphis might take the whole thing. They are just so strong, athletic, big and fast. But Kansas looks good too.
I'm even more excited for the girls championship game tomorrow night. Stanford vs Tennessee. One of Dave's players from Southridge HS, JJ Hones, plays for Stanford. Another local gal, Jillian Harmon does too. Always fun to see Dave's "kids" (as he calls them), play. Girls basketball sure has come a long way from when we used to play. Wow.
So go Cardnials!


Paris said...

Cool pics from Berit's birthday. Awesome! Sorry about no chemo today... but like you said... there are good things about it too. Sounds like you have some fun times planned! I hope the shots will help you out. How fun to see Dave's "kids" play ball at the college level. I wish them lots of luck. Looking forward to seeing you in the morning. Love, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Oh love the pictures - looks like a very fun night! Sorry to hear about the no chemo. I know it is hard to do but if it helps that number go down... Then hoping and crossing everything for next monday. Sounds like you have a busy week. Lots of fun stuff. Good luck to the "kids"!


JO said...

You and Dave look so cute in the limo. Looks like a fun party. Enjoy your week and all you have planned . I will see you on Wed. Love, JO

Megan said...

So great to see you having a fun night out Shauna!! I know you deserve it!! Big hugs to you, and my fingers are crossed that your bloods are good next week for you to carry on with your treatment. :o)

Nightscrapper said...

Love the pics, looks/sounds like a fun night out.

Sorry to hear about your counts. Yes, there is good and bad, hopefully you'll get back on your schedule. All my toes and fingers are crossed.