Saturday, March 15, 2008


Finally a photo of Spencer (12 years) in his new glasses. I gotta work on my photography technique now to avoid the glare.

Here's a photo of classic Kaelin, leading the pack of boys at recess! (photo by Liam's dad, Tom) Notice her great running form and technique! I can see track and hurdles and relays in her future!

Tonight we were picked up in a limo (my camera battery died just as we were to take photos!) by our neighbors Steve and Berit. Steve suprised Berit with a limo ride to her 40th Birthday party! What great fun we all had! Awesome limo ride (thanks Steve and Berit for sharing the wheels! Hey guys, please email me photos from your NEW camera so I can blog them!). The host house was beautiful! What great food (Ernestos) and fun (sorry we didn't know Berit well enough to win any prizes! Dave got 2 right and I got 3/10 right!). The American Idol Kareoke was a hit. Steve and Berit, you both rocked! Made for some great entertainment. I'm sorry we missed the opening of the presents. You'll have to tell me what you got! I'm sorry we were party poopers and some of the first to leave. We just can't party like rock stars anymore! I turn into a pumpkin! We enjoyed our limo ride home with Ben and Kim. I'm still kind of expecting Steve to come to our doors around 3am looking for Dave and Ben to play Halo on XBox 360 with him! LOL We hope you had the happiest bday ever Berit! You totally deserve it! We really enjoyed meeting your brother and his wife and all of your friends. What great friends you both have!

Kaelin and I went to see "Horton Hears a Who" yesterday. Cute movie! We give it 2 thumbs up!

I start chemo on Monday. :(

Just finished reading the young adult literature "Twilight" series books (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse). They filmed part of the movie here in Portland. Did I already write this in my blog somewhere? I'm having deja vu. Anyone have any good recommendations for books to read now? I'm kind of liking the adolescent lit books as they are easy, light reading and a great escape.

Sweet dreams.




Rosalyn said...

Hi Shauna -

Have you read "The Dark is Rising" series by Susan B. Cooper? Wonderful young adult fantasy stuff. We're up here in Seattle, awake at oh-dark-hundred putting on the sparkles for an early meet and wishing y'all were here. Next year for sure! (Unless Kaelin decides to become a track star instead!)

Paris said...

Spencer looks great... that glare is a tough thing. We've been fighting that for 10+ years now! I'll ask Jim if he has any tips. Yesterday I finished the first Twilight book and got about 3/4 through the 2nd book! It was a much needed distraction. I thought I was blind when I looked up from the book though... hours and hours of reading probably wasn't the smartest thing for me. Thanks for your call yesterday... really needed that. What a sucky day. Love you, p

Paris said...

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Berit! Glad you had a fun night out.

Laura Nicholas said...

oh that sounds like a fun night. Happy Birthday to Berit! That is the way to bring in the big 40!

Spencer looks adorable in his glasses. Don't have any tips on the glare though. We run into that alot. If Jim has any tips - would love to hear them. But he looks great - so intellectual.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, my friend!

Rachel Forrester said...

Hi Shauna

Wow what a handsome young man and the glasses look great.
Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer are fantastic really addictive I brought them for my 11 year old son and got hooked myself couldn't wait to buy the lastes book (actually couldn't wait for the library to get it in either lol).
Good luck for the coming days, big wishes for you from down under in NZ

Jean said...

Nicole just finished the last book of the series and loved it! She is patiently waiting for book 4 to come out on 8/2!
Dont have any other suggestions for teen books but Maeve Binchy books are always fun, quick and good to read. Or, Jennifer Weiner books are really good. Light stuff and fun.
Good luck today w/your chemo..Love Spencers new glassess!!!
HUgs to you

laura said...

holy cow - spencer is so GROWN UP!! he's so handsome, shauna. you and dave must be so proud. glad you had so much fun out with your friends - sounds like an awesome night! :)