Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fit for the Cure

Paris and I both had gift certificates that we got for our Birthdays (thanks Ellen!) from Nordstroms so we went to the Fit For the Cure and got custom fitted for bras! For each fitting, they donate $2 to the Susan B. Komen Foundation and with each bra purchase they donate a percentage of that too. I bought one bra. Paris picked up 3 bras and $10 total goes toward the cause. We've never seen Nordstroms or the mall more crowded. EVER!!! They also had some makeup trend show or something going on.

And Dicks Sporting Goods just opened and that place is like sport heaven! It's like going into the Nike employee store, but better! Like 20 times bigger! (not as good prices though!). Loved it. Paris picked up a gift for Kaelin. She wanted to buy her a shirt that said "I look even better on the instant replay." But the shirt was in pink. :( Pink and Kaelin are like oil and water. They don't get along!

Below is some journaling that was on a doorknob hanger by "philosophy" that also had step by step instructions for doing breast exams. It really spoke to me and put into words how I feel. I could really relate.


she is a mother who can think only of the welfare of her children.
she is a wife who wonders if her husband will still love her.
she is a daughter horrified of the thought of breaking the news to her aging parents.
she is a sister, a soulmate, the best girl you know.
she is a friend; a real bossom buddy.
she is a neighbor who now needs a friend.
she is an executive who has lost her control.
she is an employee who wonders how she will keep her job, pay her bills, take care of her child, while trying to recover.
she is a patient who fears losing her life.
she is a doctor who must now save her own life.
she is a beauty who will always be beautiful.
she is a woman who never did feel beautiful.
she is famous and now wishes she wasn't.
she is a stranger who you can't see, but she can see you.
she is a person whom you have yet to meet.
she is you, she is me.
she is...unforgettable.

Isn't that cool?

Know what else is cool? UCLA going to the Final 4 Baby!!!! Woo Hoo! Go Bruins!

I'm thinking about being irresponsible and buying tickets to the Cirque de soele before it ends April 13th. Everyone is telling me how much Kaelin would love it. Hard to believe since it seems that Kaelin doesn't love anything right now! LOL

So any of you out there readers? Paris and I are having the best time with Good Reads. Let me know and I'll sign you up as one of my friends! :) I'm totally a book worm right now! Having a great time reading for fun. No self help or diet books! LOL My email is if you want to invite me to be a friend! I'm reading "Marley & Me" and "Uglies" right now.

Hope you all are having a great end or start to your spring break. It's snowed here 4 mornings in a row!!!



Paris said...

I had a really great time with you today. Just awesome. Thanks for treating me to lunch, for the beautiful picture frame, the touching card, and mostly for just being my friend. What a fun day! Love you, p

Paris said...

Oh and I forgot to say "GO UCLA"!!!!!! That is so totally cool for you!! xoxo P

Jean said...

I recently found a Dick's near was awesome!!! Enjoy!
Glad you had such a great day with Paris. I'd love to join you one of these days!
Enjoy your books too!

laura said...

you should definitely do cirque du soleil. have you ever been? it is amazing. it's expensive, but if you can swing it, so worth it.

love that door hanger - how powerful. i am on good reads too, because a friend invited me - but i never seem to read anything. send me an invite - maybe i can be inspired to slow down and read...

i've been keeping an eye on your bruins... i hope they go all the way!!

scrap4me said...

Hi Shauna, it's mary anne. I was at the fit for the cure event yesterday at nordstrom too. Too bad I didn't run into you and Paris. My sister Joan came with me as well.

Love, the short hair. I am a big fan of short hair,since I have had it most of my life.

Just wanted to say hello and that you are in my thoughts and blessings.

Mary Anne

My name is Shanna said...

LOVED Cirque when we went!!!! We saw Varekai!! OMG, incredible!! It really is perfect for K. Check out eBay for tickets if you can afford to go.

Your Bruins are rocking things! Fun!

Great to read about your bra adventures with Paris (thanks for not posting THOSE pics). ;o) The wig adventure pics were plenty. WTG on the girl time and the benefit to the Foundation.


ali said...

Woo Hoo! Final Four Baby! That is awesome! I'm in my work pool, and who do I have picked to WIN the NCAA, you ask? We'll duh! UCLA, BABY! In honor of my dear friend Shauna UCLA! No other reason! I'm rooting for YOU! Hugs, my friend!

Nightscrapper said...

Sounds like a great day of shopping. I love going into Nordstroms and having my makeup done. There are always people just waiting, it's crazy.

I read all the time. Just finished, "Daniel Isn't Talking." It's about a family that has an autistic child. Tonight I will start a new book, "Back on Blossom Street." I'd love to join the book club thingy. Send me an invite!!