Sunday, March 9, 2008

Skyhawks win their 4th Oregon State Title in a row!!!

The Skyhawks beat Oregon City tonight, extending their State Championship run to 4!

Kaelin was very excited and proud of her daddy and congratulated him after the big game!

What a long day for us! Kaelin and I had to get up at 530am today because we had to be at the Newmark Theater at 715am for the American Dance Awards competition! So we had to have her in hair, makeup and costume (spider!) and be out the door by 630am! Here's a photo of Kaelin in her costume...
Her Elite Acro group performed at 815am and won a high silver (whatever that is!) in their category. They also received a special award for something or other overall - how they took a theme (spider) and ran with it - from the costumes, to the music, to the props (hoops with webs - incorporating some rhythmic gymnastics moves!) to the choreography.
It was very cool. They walked onto stage in back bends, like spiders! It was very fun to watch! They will be performing at the Spring Showcase on Sunday, April 6th (I think???) at St. Mary's and again the 3rd week in June at their recital. Email me if anyone is interested in attending!
It's late and we've had a busy day! We didn't get home until almost midnight! (and Kaelin didn't nap today! I did!!!) So off to bed I go!!!
Woo Hoo Skyhawks!!!! So proud of the girls and coaches and parents and fans! What a great run!!!! Way to bring it home! So glad I could be there to experience another one!


Paris said...

Awesome!! So thrilled for Dave and the Skyhawk girls... and for Kaelin too. How adorable is she in that spider costume!! Hope you all can get some rest today. I will look forward to walking with you on Monday :) Congratulations again to you all. Love, p

JO said...

Hi Shauna: Congratulations to all of you on the state title. Being an X-coaches wife, I know that when a team wins, it is the combined effort of everyone....players, coaches, parents, coach's families, and fans. Glad you and Kaelin could go to it. Good luck with your CAT scan. I will see you on Wednesday. Keep on awalkin'! Love, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

that is great - congrats to the team! I am so glad that you and Kaelin got to go the game. And K looked so cute as a spider.... and I don't like spiders! Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. So hope today you can have a restful one!