Friday, March 14, 2008

What do you get the cancer patient that has everything?

Well, if your Natalie and Paris Dukes, you get them a "Box of Hope!"

After walking the other day, Paris handed me a big, huge, brightly colored and beautifully wrapped box. The kind that you don't even want to open, it's so beautiful. A gift in itself. Inside the big box, I discovered a gorgeous 12x12" handmade, framed "HOPE" acrostic poem, scrapbook page, a big bag of "Hope Cookies", a wire "Hope" word that you can hang on the wall and a stunning, handmade, hand beaded "Hope" necklace designed by Paris' 13 year old Natalie herself!

For all of you out there that might have someone in their life that need a little hope, consider sending them a custom made "Box of Hope" to brighten their day/life!

Thanks Natalie and Paris. Love you both!



ps. for a great description of my friend Paris, revisit my Mis-Adventures in Wig Shopping!


Paris said...

I'm glad that you liked your "box of hope". Nat and I had such fun putting it together. We both love you so much. Huge hugs to you, Nat and Paris

Lisa said...

I love the wire wall hanging. If you look at it differently it says "I Cope". The H is an I and a C. Very true that hope includes cope.

Keep up your hope and cope. You are my super hero.

Lisa Humphrey

My name is Shanna said...

That is the coolest gift!!!!!!!! WTG, Dukes ladies!!! What a terrific idea.

Where did you end up hanging your "Hope"?? Can you hang in near your Angel of Hope?


Laura Nicholas said...

hey there girl! Just gotta love those Dukes girls. Hope is definitely your word. We all have so much hope for you...

Been too long since I have seen you my friend. Miss you and hope to have a play date soon. I will be thinking of you this week.


laura said...

oh my goodness - what a wonderful gift. that necklace is beautiful. so thoughtful - you are lucky to have paris and natalie in your life! :)