Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brain Drain

Tomorrow at 730am i'm getting a MRI on my brain. Been feeling a bit
"off" in the head so it's a precaution. Wish they would do a full body MRI as my cancer doesn't seem to show up on PET scans and CT scans so well. But at least I got the brain MRI.

I've handled the Carboplatten chemo well so far this week. Went to my support group today and then my Writing Workshop. Will share my writing later in the week.

Thanks to Ellen for bringing dinner and some fresh produce by my house tonight. Always enjoy her company, as well as Casey's. Our boys are doing the Experiential Days togehter. They are building gas powered and lithium battery powered go carts and racing them to find out which is better. Kaelin went snow-shoeing and sledding today at Mt. Hood for her Experiential Days. Tomorrow they hit the beach and Mo's Restaurant for lunch. Great way to lead into Spring Break.

Enjoyed watching Kaelin do Acrobatics tonight, as it was Parent Watch. Always fun to see her work on her aerials and back handsprings.

Tomorrow March Madness favorite time of year! Go Bruins!!! (both Dave's and my alma mater. Actually, Dave is a former Bruin Basketball player himself, so that's near and dear to his heart! We were there (pregnant with Spencer) when they won the National Championship in Seattle in 95!) Also, Go Portland State University! The coach, Coach Ken Bone, used to coach at Seattle Pacific University when Dave and I were going to Grad School there and Dave was his graduate assistant and coached a couple of years with Ken Bone! We wish him and his team the best!!!! Woo Hoo!! Bring on the Madness, the big dance!!!!!



Kevin Walker said...

Hi Shauna,
I'm a former teammate of Dave's at UCLA and heard from a friend who lives in Beaverton that Southridge won a 4th state title. After digging a little deeper (thanks to Google) I've come upon your blog and Dave's site. My family and I applaud your courage! Please tell Dave I said hello and I'd love to hear from him.
We wish you and your family nothing but the best!
Kevin Walker
Madison, AL

Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

I think your Bruins are going to win it again this year! Tell Dave and the kiddo's hi. Kinda jealous of Kaelin eating at Mo's today.

Paris said...

Hope the MRI goes okay... been thinking of you. So glad that you were able to go to your groups yesterday. I know how much you enjoy them. Go UCLA and PSU... I didn't know that about the PSU coach and Dave... very cool. Also so happy that the kids have had such a fun week... I wanna go kayaking w/K tomorrow :) Awesome. Talk to you soon. Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

Hey there girl... Glad to see some updates from you. You have been on my mind. I hope the MRI comes back clear. When will those results be back? Sounds like the kids have been busy. And so happy to hear you made your groups yesterday. I picked my teams for the bracket at work yesterday... ok, know nothing about these teams. But it is fun to watch everyone get excited about it.

Miss you and send you big hugs.

JO said...

Hi Shauna: You didn't mention the MRI yesterday so I am wondering if you emailed Jennifer and she decided to order it. IF so, that goes to show you what a terrific oncologist she is. Not only did she order it for you, she got you in right away. GO KAISER! I'll be anxious to hear the results. You look too good and have so much going on now to deal with any thing else. So, just think positive. Remember, the glass is always half full! Love ya, JO

laura said...

hope the bruins pull it off this year just for you! :) i mean, the trojans won the rose bowl, so we have to spread the victories around town a bit! ;)

glad your chemo went well, and i hope the MRI comes back clean. (((hugs)))

i hope you and your family have the best easter ever. lots of love to you! :)

Jean said...

any news on the MRI? Cant wait to see more of your writing!!
My boys are excited about March Madness as well....
Take Care