Monday, March 3, 2008


Just a quick post before bed...met with my new oncologist today. didn't have a lot of time, as they had to squeeze me into a short appt. because she's booked until 4 weeks out. she didn't have time to read my whole file (it's like reading the last harry potter book...long!) to get aquainted with me, so i gave her a brief run down and we decided that i would get a ct scan (fri) and we will keep in contact via email and depending on the ct scan results, we will probably start chemo again. most likely the carbo, but maybe minus the taxol. the doc's are now thinking it's behaving more like ovarian than gastro/intestinal/colon cancer. in the meantime she will have more time to read up on me. i have another appt. with her april 4, but will probably have started chemo before then. she didn't seem too concerned about the big spike in the ca125. she said she would be worried if it was doubling and tripling in numbers instead of going from 72 to 93. she doesn't count the 34 from reno since it was a different lab. i still need to call the reno doc.

thanks to elizabeth, my mom and dave for being my entourage to meet my new doc today. and thanks to elizabeth for having lunch with me today.

thanks to ellen for calling me and inviting me to the movie tonight. we went on a total whim, spur of the moment and saw "Definately, Maybe".

thanks to paris for walking and talking with me this morning, despite the rain. and thanks to both paris and natalie for the big box of hope. (more on that later). it really was perfect.

thanks to my mom for picking up kaelin and driving her to and from gymnastics today so i could take a long nap and go to the movies.

thanks to all of you who called, emailed and offerend support today. i know it's getting old!!!!

love to you all. sweet dreams.


ps. remind me to sit down and post about my great high school friends who threw a fundraiser for me and raised a ton of money for medical expenses!!!! they deserve a post all of their own.


nic said...

Getting old? No way. I think every time I read your blog I have new respect and admiration for you, lady!. The road has to be so tough for you and so tiring, but you are inspiring and beautiful. Never old :o) So glad you updated.

Laura Nicholas said...

So glad to see your update. And I agree with Nic - never getting old! We will all be here as long as you need us to fight this fight!

Hugs of HOPE!!!!

Paris said...

I'm glad that you liked the box of hope... Nat and I had such fun with that. Bummer that it finally rained on us, but yes, I guess it did suit the mood. Bring back that sunshine... and lots of it :) I'm so happy that you got to go see a movie with Ellen... good for you being spontaneous and doing something fun. You needed that! I will look forward to our walk this morning... no rain, gloom and doom today... just blue skies, happy thoughts and hope :) Love you, p

My name is Shanna said...

Um, I am thinking that the OLD thing is now shunned. There are 3 others before me that make that clear, okay? Enough already. ;o)

Glad to read your update. Have been so anxious to know and haven't had a minute to call ya. Of course you are Little Miss Gadabout, now aren't ya? lol Glad to read you are having some good times with pals. Life is to be treasured and you are doing just that.

I have a link to send you, so I will try to do that. One tax deadline is almost behind me, so I will return to cyberland soon. In the meantime, hugs and luv all over!


Nightscrapper said...

Definitely now getting old!! I have to agree with Nic, your blog gives me inspiration and hope. Love how you can speak so freely about what you are going through. I'm amazed at your strength.

Hugs, Marlo