Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chemo Sobby

The first time I heard the play on words "Chemo Sobby" was in an interview with Robin (is her last name Roberts?) from Good Morning America in people magazine. She had opened up about her fight with breast cancer and it's a nickname her sister called her because she would be weepy and in tears alot after the chemo. I thought it was a great play on words!

I felt great yesterday after getting my carbo ONLY, minus the taxol (side effects=hairloss and muscle achels and naropathy). Minus the taxol, it only took 1.5 hours to infuse. So I was done by 10am i think. that was a bonus. My mom drove me and waited for me and then we went to New Seasons and did a big grocery run to stock up (the kids have Experiential Days at school this week and Kaelin needs to bring lunch and snacks every day). I made chicken in the crockpot and took Kaelin to gymnastics while my mom and Spencer went to see "Horton Hears a Who" (Kaelin and I saw it on Friday) and Dave had hoop tryouts for his AAU Allstar team or whatever. I then went to REI to get a few things Kaelin needed for her Experiential days (rockclimbing Tues., Snow shoeing Wed., The beach on Thurs and Kyaking on Fri.). I got to the Bridgeport REI and I could't find my purse anywhere. I had to drive all the way back to the gym. At that point Kaelin only had about 30 minutes to go (I've been picking her up 1.5 hours early since she broke her hand) so I waited for her to finish before going back. We spent awhile at REI and then we had to rush to Kaiser because the oncology pharmacy forgot to give me my anti nausea/anti vomiting pills and i was all out at home. The pharmacy closed at 830 and that's what time we walked in! whew! then spent the evening making lunch for Kaelin, organizing her attire and back pack for the next day.

I did fine until I woke up this morning, all nauseous and crampy. I hadn't taken any pills at all yesterday or last night. I usually stay on top of things taking Ativan and Compazine and I just thought I didn't need to. So I did't. I felt fine. Well, I really didn't feel so well when I woke up at 7am! I took some meds and slept until 1230! felt good for most of the day. Took it easy and laid in bed reading. Got up and going when Paris brought us dinner (broccoli/red pepper crustless quiche and homemade applesauce muffins). yum! Thanks P! She had brought back the Twilight Series books she borrowed and read so quickly! Now we're (as in Natalie, Paris and I) all looking forward to the 4th book coming out Aug. 2. And the movie. When does that come out? I helped Kaelin get her stuff gathered and packed and her lunch made for her Snow Shoeing trip to Mt. Hood tomorrow and I made Miso Soup for the kids, although they both ate the Quiche! :)

Ending up getting a bit queasy and tired around dinnertime myself. So rested in bed. My mom brought me dinner in bed, she spoils me so! And tea. She's got even my kids drinking tea!

Now I have my favorite blanket, my kids are tucked in (althought Spencer's not feeling well. Had to take his temp and give him Motrin) and I'm going to lay on the couch and watch Big Brother, American Idol and/or Dancing with the Stars.

So far, so good with the Chemo effects today. I was a little suprised not to feel so well this morning though. Usually it's Thurs. before I feel the effects. hmmm...????

Sorry for rambling. Thanks for listening.


ps. Go Bruins and PSU in the NCAA tourney!!!


Paris said...

I'm going through "Twilight" withdrawals... really, really enjoyed that reading spree. Good distraction for me. You, Nat and I will be camped out at Borders when book 4 comes out ;) And when the movie comes out too!! Can't wait. Nat stole the other book that you gave me! Felt good to get back in the kitchen... can I tell you that it made my night to read that your kids ate the quiche!! Cool! I enjoyed my tv night too... had split screen AI and DWTS on at the same time! Go Kristy Yamaguchi! She rocked. David A and C both are great on AI too. Was bummed that Brooke had a rough night. Love her. Good to see you today... you looked great. Can't wait to get ya back walkin'! I hope you feel all better soon. Love, p

Jean said...

what a day! Glad you got to be pampered by your mom.
Dinner sounded yummy too!
Dont you just love Robin Roberts from GMA-she's so inspirational, i think
Take care

JO said...

Hi Shauna: You looked terrific today at our support group meeting. I will miss seeing you next week but I will be thinking about you. Hope you will be able to enjoy Easter with your family. I plan to buy a laptop computer so I can take it to the beach with me and keep up on your blog. Love reading it. Take good care of yourself. Love, JO