Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Good News

Brain MRI is normal! whew....

My 2nd round of carboplatten chemo is this Friday. Ugh. Man the time inbetween treatments goes so fast. Im hoping it takes a few days before I feel like doo-doo so I can go to Kaelin's 1st soccer game on Sat. and her dance performance on Sunday. I'm hoping I 'll be good to go again by Wed, so I can go to my support group.

Kaelin's 9th Bday is tomorrow. She's my little April Fool.

Say a little prayer for my friend Penny from my support group. She had surgery this morning at 730am. They were going to remove her spleen, one kidney, resection her liver and do some other things. It's pretty major. I've sent all of my angels to look out for her. She'll be in ICU for a few days before she can have visitors.

Also, another lady from my support group, Jackie, who has stomach cancer, just was put on hospice. She needs your prayers and angels too. Both ladies are very special and will be missed by the group. They are in my heart this week.

Thanks for the walk this morning Paris. Finally some good walking weather! Also had a workout at 24 hour Fitness and then sat in Starbucks today and read a book (Uglies). What a great way to spend the day. Now I am off to pick up my kids, take Spencer to a hoop lesson (by his dad, with some other boys from his class) and then take Kaelin to Rhythmic Gymnastics. Not quite ready to get back into the crazy school week routine!

Go Bruins!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna,
that's great to hear about your MRI! I can't believe Kaelin is turning 9, that is so crazy. And Spencer doing a basketball lesson, what's going on there?

Tell K "happy birthday" from Trea and I, and her gift is in the mail.

Jean said...

glad to hear the MRI is normal! What a relief. Good luck w/your chemo this week. I'm thinking good thoughts for your 2 friends in your group..Keep us posted..

Happy Bday to Kaelin!!!

Paris said...

Enjoyed our walk today... I've had so much energy since! Needed that. Happy birthday to K... so cool that she has the same bday as my grandma. Your friends will be in my thoughts and prayers. Go UCLA!! Love, p

Paris said...

I keep forgetting all of my thoughts that I wanted to put in my comments... sheesh. Losing my mind w/age I guess :) Wanted to tell you that I am so thrilled about your MRI results... definitely doing the happy dance!! Made my day!!

Lots of drama at the barn... will fill you in on our next walk ;)

xoxox P

JO said...

Hi Shauna: Glad your MRI was normal. You have been looking so fantastic lately that I just knew that it would be good. I wrote you a post card while at the beach and couldn't find a mailbox to mail it, so it is still in my purse! I have been thinking a lot about Penny and Jackie. They are two special ladies. Happy birthday to Kaelin. It is also my brother's birthday. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Love, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

Shauna - so glad to hear that the MRI came back normal. That is such great news.

Happy bday to Kaelin. They grow up so fast. Jake turns 11 on thursday. Did any of those pants work for K?

I am sorry to hear about your friends from group. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts.

I leave for Canada on the 10th, maybe we can have a playdate when I get back. Been too long since I have seen you.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Hi friend, miss you! I will definately pray for your friends. So happy the brain MRI showed nothing, yeah!

Happy Birthday to Kaelin. Alaina has been brainstorming about a gift. If you have any ideas, let me know. Can't believe it's been a year since rhythmic state up in Tukwila and that great lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with the girls.

I was at Starbucks with Moki late morning and thought I saw your Jeep but didn't see you. I wish I had seen you there.

Can't wait to catch-up. Miss you! Jaci

Rosalyn said...

Missed you at the training center today! I'm so glad about the MRI news. And I love how you find the blessings in each day - you are my hero. :-)

ali said...

Great news on your MRI Shauna!!! Happy Birthday to Kaelin! You and your friends from group will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs!!

Nightscrapper said...

AWESOME news on the MRI! Whohooo!!

I will keep your friends in my prayers.

laura said...

GREAT news on the MRI! :)

i'll keep your support group friends in my thoughts. (((hugs)))

My name is Shanna said...

Wooo hooo on the 'all clear'!!! I am not surprised though, you have a mind of steel! ;o)

Happy Bday to Tazzy girl. I am sure she is so proud to say she is 9. Give her a big hug for me.

Thoughts and prayers for your pals and for you with chemo tomorrow. I am off to Carlsbad for the 5k this weekend, so it is a great time to call my cell if you feel like catching up. I would love to hear your voice.

Much love and huge hugs, my friend.