Thursday, June 26, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday: Pretty in Pink

I took this photo at Gramma's Pumpkin Patch back in October of 2007. Isn't he the cutest? He looks like "Babe"! I thought this was an appropriate photo for this week, since my friend Soocal, titled her last blog post "oink" and I've been feeling kind of "piggy" lately myself!

I have to admit, it was so nice to not do my full chemo infusion this week. I felt a little punky today, but compared to usual...I'll take it! I don't miss that chemo at all. I think I was due for a break anyways and I really needed a week off. I was getting very worried about the side effects from the Folfox chemo anyways - especially the naropathy (numbness in hands and feet). It was really starting to mess with my quality of life. So I'll be interested in hearing what my doc has to say next week. Can you believe next week is July??? OMG!!!

We'll be spending a lot of our time at a soccer tourney Friday - Sunday. It's supposed to be 96 degrees this weekend too, so I'm a little worried about the heat for both Kaelin's and my sake. We have games 930am and 330 or 5pm Friday, and 930am and 330 or 5pm Saturday and then 930/11am or 1230pm on Sunday depending on how the team does. They are playing 11 v 11 which they haven't really done before. They are used to playing 8 v 8. And the fields are much bigger. That's what happens when you play up a couple of ages, the fields get bigger and you need more players!

Spencer is spending the night at his Grannies for the next few nights and then he's going to a movie night at his martial arts studio with the boys across the street. They are going to show "Transformers" and he's excited. He's then going to ride up with my dad on Sunday up to Seattle for my neice Ella's 3rd Bday party. Kaelin will probably ride up on Sunday night with my mom, after she gets off work.

We'll probably fit in a movie this weekend too, I think Wall*e is coming out tomorrow. And my friend Laura is having a scrapbook garage sale on Saturday. I've been spending a lot of time going through all of my papercrafting supplies, putting together stuff to sell and will be dropping it off there tomorrow. Paris too. So if anyone wants to go, email me and I'll give you the details/info.

Oh, and Sunday is Kate's (the HOTP receptionist) memorial service/funeral at 2pm, so hopefully Kaelin's team will play in the finals at 930am and I'll be able to go to the service.

We spent this week at soccer and gymnastics workouts, going to the dog park, the library and playing squirt gun and water balloon fights out in the cul de sac with the neighborhood boys, along with riding bikes. Every other question out of my kids mouths these days is "can i go outside?" They are really enjoying their summer, but boy is it going fast! I should have gone outside today and took photos of them in action. duh!

We're really enjoying "So You Think YOu Can Dance" every Wed. and Thursday. The choreographers and dancers are just amazing! As are the costumes and makeup they do! The judges can get quite annoying, but the dancing is entertaining! What a great family show, especially if you have a dancer/acrobat in the household!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll post soccer photos sometime over the course of the weekend! I hope you're not tired of them yet! Go Red Magic!!!



Angie said...

Hey, I'm with you on "it's July already?". It's just flying by. Love the photo- have a great weekend!

Paris said...

Love the photo... it really is "Babe"! One of my all-time fave movies. I'm glad that you were able to have a "break" this week. You got so much done! Looking forward to seeing you at Laura's. I hope the sale is a huge success. Try to stay cool this weekend at the soccer tournament. Good luck to K. Hope S has fun too... sounds like it will be a blast. And then to Seattle... how fun is that?? Hoping I can make it on Sunday, but Jim will be gone and Nat has a full schedule. Will feel so bad if I cannot make it. Wanted to tell you... we have been watching the 1st season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" together as a family. LOVE that show! Buffy kicks major butt ;) See you this afternoon. Love ya, P

Soochal said...

I'm... honored? Ha ha - yes, I totally am! *oink*

I'm sorry you're being hit so hard with the neuropathy. Chal had problems with it as well. It really inhibits your normal activities. Saying a prayer for you... XOXO

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you and Simba at the dog park. He is so funny and possesive of Moki, he and his barking just crack me up.

You look wonderful Shauna, you really do. I know it's easy to beat up on oneself but I really wish you could see yourself as we all see you, just a gorgeous woman with an amazing heart and soul!

Best of luck to Kaelin during the soccer tourney. Stay massively hydrated.

Took Alexandra riding again this am. Scott just ran Alaina to lacrosse camp and I'm supposed to be finishing up a grant and packing. The girls and I are excited to go see the grandmas.

The not so great news is Scott's mom just had another mammogram and her dr. is very concerned with the lump in her breast and feels the mass has gone into her lymph nodes. Her appt is the 21st but he really wants her seen NOW. I'm glad we'll be seeing her the next 2 weekends. Not sure what will be in store for her the rest of this summer until they do the biopsy and know the results. CRAP!

Have you gotten your B vitamins yet?

Love you dear friend!


Nightscrapper said...

What a cutie!!