Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a quiet weekend, with no activities planned. Dave and Kaelin went and watched the Southridge girls play hoops in Canby. I met my friend Laura for lunch at Noah's Bagels and then I ran some errands, running around to Michaels and the scrapbook store, looking for some specific things to make some cards with. I visited a lady from my cancer support group in the hospital and then I took Simba to the dog park. Here's a recent photo of him. Isn't he the cutest? He's getting a haircut on July 2nd. He won't be so cute anymore. He's the happiest dog in the whole wide world!!!
We grilled Raspberry Chipolte chicken kabobs and then went to see "Get Smart" on Saturday night. It was cute. Not an award winner, but entertaining. When we got home I made a couple of cards for two sets of new parents. When I pass them off, I'll share here. I don't want to spoil the suprise.

Sunday I went to New Seasons for their strawberry tasting (bought a flat of Hood Strawberies!) and then I came home and went to work cleaning my house like a mad woman. I almost got it all done, along with going through my scrapbook/cardmaking stuff and getting it ready for a scrapbook sale at Laura's house next Saturday. I just don't have room for all of my (s)crap stuff now that my mom lives in our spare bedroom/office/stuido. I'm sick of the (s)crap stuff taking over my living room. I need room!!!

Tonight after dinner, Kaelin went out and played on her pogo stick. Her record today is 72 bounces! She's just like her mom, because I used to do the same thing, count my bounces and I was a champion pogo stick bouncer! Along with hula hooper!

Here's a photo where you can see her shirt. On the front it says: "Why drive?"
and on the back: "When you can fly." Or in her case, bounce!
Tonight I'm going to work on some cards now that dinner is done. We used the leftover chicken skewers from last night and made chicken nachos! Can you believe my kids don't like nachos? How weird are they? We also had a fiesta type salad: romaine, corn, chicken, red peppers, green onions, cheese.
Kaelin just came into the house in tears. If she's crying, you know she's hurt. She wiped out on her bike. So now I have her in the bath, soaking her scrapes and bruises. She won't cry for anything, so if she's crying, it's usually for a very good reason. She fell on her kneecap and said she couldn't bend her knee, so I hope she's ok cause she has a soccer tourney Fri - Sunday. She can't be too bad, cause she's asking when and if she can go back outside and play with her brother and the 3 boys across the street (who aren't very nice to her at all!).
I'm off to create. Enjoy your Sunday!
ps. tomorrow, 9am doc appt. followed by chemo. :(


Paris said...

Yup... Simba is the cutest dog ever. For sure. Cute pics of K too... I hope she is okay!! Poor kiddo. I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend. So proud of you doing all that cooking and getting strawberries! Did you freeze the berries? Will be thinking of you tomorrow. LMK if there is anything I can do. Love ya, p

JO said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Wasn't the weather the greatest?

It was nice of you to visit Betsy. Your timing was perfect since she went home from the hosptial later that day.

Good luck with your chemo tomorrow. I will be thinking about you.

Love ya, JO

Nightscrapper said...

I have not bought any good strawberries in such a long time. I would love to go to a festival of some sort. Sounds like fun.

Glad K didn't get hurt badly on her fall. Sounds like she bounced right back to her old self.

I'll be thinking of you tommorrow.