Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Kaelin's soccer tourney started Friday morning at 930am. It's the first time they have played 11 vs 11 and they didn't have all of their players and not enough subs for the heat. They ended up losing 0-7. Saturday they had two games, 930am and 5pm. I think it was still about 101 degrees at 5pm when they played. They lost their 930am game 0-6. They were still missing players and only had 1 sub for that 2nd game. The third game they had all of their players except for one and they started to figure out the whole 11 vs 11 thing and they won 3 - 1. Kaelin sat out quite a bit with an ankle that had been bothering her for all 3 games. After the game on Sat. her and I went with some other team parents/players and had dinner at the Cornelius Roadhouse/Imbrie Hall while Dave took Spencer to his martial arts studio movie night. The Red Magic played and won Sunday at 11am but Kaelin sat out and ended up going up to Seattle with my dad and Spencer for her cousin Ella's 3rd Birthday party at 830am. They won't be back until Tuesday! Anyways, the team ended up getting 5th place, but they really learned alot and improved and made some great team strides. Kaelin played midfield most of the time, which she usually plays one of the wings.

The kids and I went and saw "Wall*e" on Friday. It was a very cute movie with a good message. The short animated cartoon (Pixar) beforehand was almost as good as the movie!
Saturday my friend Laura had a scrapbook garage sale in her scraproom and she let Paris and I participate. Only 6 people came, but I still made about $78! We have a ton of stuff leftover, so we're probably going to have another one. I'm trying to get my stuff cleared out so I can reclaim my living room.
Sunday my friend Laura picked me up and we went to Kate's memorial service. She was the receptionist from Hot Off the Press, whom I worked with for the past 9 years. It was a beautiful service and I loved hearing her life story and learning more about her and her life/family and listening to all of the fun stories shared. I cried like a baby though. I will miss her so much and HOTP will never be the same. It's just so hard to believe I'll never see her again. And it was so unexpected.
While we were there, I gave Scott his baby gift. His daughter Clara is 3 months old now. He's a rocker and he always goes around saying "dude" so I found some "peace" baby booties and made him a "rockabye baby" card. The peace sign on the bag is what is on the shoes, minus the scalloped edge.

Now Dave and I are home alone and we're going out to dinner and a movie! I think we've pretty much seen everything, so we're going to see "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie. I'll let you know how we like it.

This weekend was entirely too hot for me. It got up to 105 degrees yesterday. I can't handle the heat anymore. I just wanted to melt. Today it was mid 80's and now there are thunderstorms. IT's kind of muggy. This temp is more my speed. Thank goodness we got the air conditioning fixed in my car!!!

I hope to get my living room/scrap room all put back together and organized and my house cleaned up while my kids are gone. I've got 2 days to go crazy! I hope to accomplish alot. We'll see! This week we're off all sports - dance, gym and soccer. So no driving around. That will be nice. I think I meet with my doc about a new plan on Wed. and my dog and daughter are both getting groomed ! lol

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
Stay cool!!!



Paris said...

OMG... that bag and card are too cool! I love them!! WTG!! I bet Scott and family loved them. Would love to see little Clara. Sorry that I missed Kate's service. Just been to too many funerals lately and not in the right frame of mind. I know that HOTP will never be the same without her :( My heart goes out to her family. So good to see you on Sat. Love the pics of K. Hope her ankle feels better soon, and that the kids have a wonderful time in Seattle. Hope you and Dave have a nice night too. Jim made it home safe and sound... we all just went out for Mexican food. Shrimp fajitas... yum! Hope we can get together this week. Love you, p

JO said...

We just got home after spending three days at Cullaby Lake, near Seaside, where Denny had a boat race. I will write about it on my blog tomorrow. I was anxious to get home and read your blog. Sounds like you were busy, as usual! Sorry to hear about Kaelin's ankle. It must have hurt pretty bad for her not to have played because I know how tough she is. It's nice the kids get to spend time with their grandparents. And really nice for you and Dave to have some time to yourselves.

I am sorry the weather was so hot. It was pretty nice at the beach which was good because I don't like the hot weather any more either.

I will be anxious to hear what Jennifer Lycette has to say on Wednesday. I am wondering if your appointment will be during our meeting. If so, I might not go since we will have Tori here for a few days. One of the main reasons I like go to the meetings is to see you, so if you won't be there, I will probably stay home and play with Tori.

Enjoy the cooler weather without your kids!

Love ya, JO