Thursday, June 19, 2008

The (not so) Itsy Bitsy Spider

Yesterday was spent at Kaelin's dress rehearsal at the Newmark Theater. It ran late, so I missed my support group, but Kaelin and I enjoyed lunch at Baja Fresh and then hanging out at Borders Books for awhile before going home.
I had a very productive day as I attempted to go through all of the stuff that used to be in my spare bedroom/office/studio and has been pretty much sitting in my living room for the last 2 years, since the whole cancer thing started unexpectantly and my mom moved into the room when I spent two weeks in the hospital. Dave works from home, running several different businesses, so our formal dining room became our office and our formal (well, as formal as you get at Team Immel's house!) living room became our dining room and my scrapbook/papercraft/rubberstamp storage. I don't have enough shelves and cabinets for everything, so there are boxes and boxes and piles of stuff just waiting for a home. So I've been going through stuff, getting ready to downsize my craft supplies considerably and start freshy and maybe havea big scrapbook/papercraft supply garage sale!!! Maybe I can make some money to buy some more cabinets! LOL
In between going through stuff I worked on some projects and found some projects I had started and am anxious to get back to and finish.
I did make it to the grocery store and the dog park, but not to the hospital to visit my friend or the farmer's market. Maybe I can visit her today while Kaelin is at basketball camp and go to the market on Saturday morning.
The big dance recital is tonight! My dad and his partner Ginger, my mom, Dave's mom, myself and a couple of Kaelin's school teachers are going to watch her "crawl" onto stage and perform her Spider Dance. They don't allow flash photography due to the safety of the dancers, so I never have any performance shots to share. Just posed shots. They have a great sculpture chair in the foyer of the Newmark that we always pose on. They encourage you to climb/sit on it!
Just rambling today. Haven't been able to sleep since my chemo week, so I've pretty much been up at 5am since last Saturday, after going to bed after midnight each night. I've even resorted to sleeping pills this week and they don't seem to be working. I can't complain about the beautiful weather, but I like it dark to sleep. The sun shining at 5am doesn't help. I've been a little crabby, but overall, I'm handling the lack of sleep pretty well. Monday starts chemo again, so that could account for some crabbiness. There just never are enough days off in between. We have a quiet weekend, with nothing planned, so that will help.
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


Paris said...

Have fun tonight! I know you will. Just love that costume... K looks adorable. Glad that you have been so productive. I need to tackle my (s)crap room soon so I can join you in a sale. I never create anymore because it is so overwhelming :( Love ya, p

Sande Krieger said...

What a cute costume!
Good for you getting so much done!
That always makes me happy...a day when I can accomplish alot.
It's hard not to be crabby when you can't sleep.
I can't sleep when it's light out either so in the summer I really have to be in bed before 11 (10 is the best) or I get super cranky!
Do the sleeping pills usually work for you?
I've never been able to find an over the counter one that works for me.

JO said...

Kaelin's recital sounds like fun. Her pictures are great. Glad you two had some fun time together yesterday. IF I go to the Beaverton Market on Saturday, I will let you know. I need to buy a hanging basket and they are so much cheaper there.

Have a great weekend. If I don't see you at the market, I will see you on Wednesday.

Hey, get some sleep!

Love ya, JO

Nightscrapper said...

I just love that costume. Although, Kaelin is just too cute to be a spider!!!