Sunday, June 22, 2008

I uploaded two cards!!!!

check them out!!!

For My Best Friend in the Whole World

You're a Super Friend

But now it's 12:53am and I stayed up too late!

I'm going to make a few more cards tomorrow!

Fun, fun fun! I'm inspired!



Nightscrapper said...

Very cute. I love the fabric letters.

Paris said...

They are just awesome! Way to go submitting them. So proud of you. Hope you got some sleep! Love, p

Laura Nicholas said...

those are so cute! your creativity amazes me... Hope you are getting some rest...


JO said...


You amaze me with all your talents. When I had a pedicure yesterday, I took "your" magazine and looked at all the creative things you had made. It was fun to see pictures of you, your family and friends.(Saw Paris)

Hope your chemo went well today. I drove near there about 1:30 but figured you were already gone by then. If it had been earlier, I would have stopped by to say hi.

Hope you can make it to class on Wed. Would love to see you.

Love ya, JO

Soochal said...

Your cards are wonderful! I particularly like the worn look of your best friends card. Talented!!

My name is Shanna said...

Hey!! THAT card looks like my layout in your Strength album! (Minus the SuperMAN, I used SuperWOMAN.)

Nice work on ALL cards! Can you post the Faithful one as a pic??

xoxo, me