Monday, November 24, 2008

Following Suit - Three of a Kind!

Last Friday night, Spencer attended a formal dance at The Racquet Club with several classmates. It was quite the adventure coming up with "formal" attire, as we are a family of casual (as if you haven't noticed!). I found a Nordstrom dress shirt at the consignment store for $8. Spencer borrowed a coat, tie and pants (he's outgrown his khakis) from the other boys going and he wore his own socks, belt and shoes (a 1/2-1 size too small but it worked!). He cleaned up nicely!It was so fun for the boys to get ready and ride together. It was even more fun for me to tag along to the pre party and to take photos and see them all in person! I felt like I was witnessing Spencer getting ready for the prom or something! (a mom can dream can't she?)Being the teenagers they are, they weren't willing to share any details of the night, no matter how hard we all pried! I'm like, "Come on, throw me a bone!!!!" LOL I asked Spencer who all was there (ya know, from his class) and his response...."people." Oh gee, thanks. Torture your poor mother!!!!

Other things that happened last week:

Even though my writing workshop finished up, several of us still met to write together (unofficially) at one of the other woman's houses. We are taking turns coming up with prompts. It's good to have a date to write. I also went to a monthly writing workshop at Hot Lips Pizza on Hawthorn Blvd. It's every third Thursday of the month (I think?) and it's a $25 donation. If anyone is ever interested in going with me, email me! I plan on going each month!

Kaelin and I saw "Twilight" at midnight on Thursday and she missed school Friday. I'm hoping to go see it again with Paris soon.

Dave and I saw the new James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace." A bit of advice, rewatch "Casino Royale" first to refresh your memory. The storyline from that one continues and alot of the characters cross over and it's hard to keep them all straight and follow along. Good flick though. Loving this James Bond. Daniel Craig rocks as Bond. Warning: scary fire scene towards the end of the movie.

Spencer and I went and saw the new Disney animated movie "Bolt" (Kaelin went on Friday with Grannie and Gramps). A really cute and fun movie. We really got a kick out of it. However, another warning: a scary fire scene towards the end of the movie.

Kaelin had a 7am indoor soccer game on Saturday and we had to be there at 6:15am! Ouch, that one hurt!!! It was the first time The Red Magic had played indoor together as a team. Took them a bit to figure it out and they ended up winning 2-1, but it was a battle!!! Fun to watch. Very fast paced. Will be good to get them in shape for hoops.

Sunday Dave coached Kaelin's hoop team, The Sting. This is the first time Dave has coached one of our kids teams. Kaelin is very athletic and can defend and shoot and rebound, but has no left hand! Gotta work on that one.

Gorgeous weather the last two days. High 50's, maybe even low 60's. Been spending time at the dog park and walking the happiest dog in the whole world.

Making homemade spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot today and hoping to bake some Monster Cookies later.

Trying to figure out our plans for Turkey Day. It's complicated with trying to travel to SEattle inbetween high school hoop practices Wed. and Fri. and 7am soccer games on Friday the day after!

Enjoy your week!

I'm loving chemo-free Mondays!!!!



Paris said...

Here's to more chemo-free Mondays!! Look at you go making spaghetti and meatballs! Yummo! Love the pics of the boys... very handsome indeed. Exciting times!! Congrats to K and her teams. So cool for Dave to be coaching her. I see lots of success happening for her bball team :) Hope you have a wonderful turkey day! Can't wait to go see Twilight w/you! Maybe over the long weekend? Jim and I enjoyed the Bond movie but it was really intense!!! Love you, p

Angie said...

Doesn't he look all grown up. WOW. I'm loving your chemo free life. Enjoy it! (which by the way it sounds like you are totally taking advantage-go girl!)Big hugs!

Loni said...

I remember your mom's monster cookies! Yummmm!

Spencer looks so handsome, Shauna.

Nightscrapper said...

Very handsome looking boys! My son is like Spencer, won't tell no matter how much I bribe and promise.

Anonymous said...

Spencer is looking sharp....hope you guys have a good thanksgiving!

laura said...

yay to being chemo free!!!! :D

spencer is one handsome boy! you must be so proud. love the pictures.

you are one busy family! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are just gorg! I love looking at your pics & reading your stories.
Wishing you & your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope you received my little package. Peace to you, from Laura's Little Flower