Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Team Immel wishes you and yours a Happy Turkey Day! We are so very thankful for our friends and family and for all of the support you have shown us over the years. We are grateful for today and for each and every single day we have the privilege and pleasure of spending together.

Gobble Gobble Gobble! Oink Oink Oink!!!!
I wish for many more Thanksgivings spent with family and friends!


Paris said...

What a nice pic of your family. I bet I know what you wished for w/the wishbone :) Glad you had safe travels and could be with your family. Did you have lots of mashed potatoes?? Love you, p

Paris said...

Can you tell I hadn't had my tea when I posted. Sheesh. Missed that last line... but I was thinking along the same lines ;) I am so thankful for you. love, p

JO said...

Loved your picture. All of you look so happy. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with all your family. Have a great weekend. Love ya, JO

Heather said...

Shauna, what a gorgeous picture of your family! love it!!! =)