Monday, November 3, 2008

More Writings and Weekend Wrap Up

Sharing some more writing from my Write Around Portland Workshop...

10/31/08 prompts:
1. Now or Never
2. Standing at the Window

I Wonder (a work in progress)
by Shauna Berglund Immel

I stand here at the window,
looking out into the darkness.

Wondering if tonight is the night.

The rain hits the glass forcefully
and slides down the surface like the tears down my face.
The wind blows the branches up against the glass
and makes an eerie scratching noise,
like the sounds coming from my own throat.

Again I wonder if tonight is the night.

The night that he comes for me.

The next assignment was to take a line from a piece of poetry writing we read in class. (not sure where my copy is) or we could use the following prompts:
1. What do you want to remember?
2. Starting Here

I chose the line "What Can Anyone Give You Greater Than Now?"

What Can Anyone Give you Greater Than Now? (a work in progress)
by Shauna Berglund Immel

You are alive.
One with this world.
A part of something big and spectacular.
A sight to see.
A strand of life woven among others.
Moving through the universe with pleasure, pain and purpose.
Relishing the touch of a friend's sweet embrace.
Delighting in the sounds of your children's laughter.
Tasting the sweetness of your lover's kiss as it lingers long after it's over.
Dancing to the music that plays in your mind.
Inhaling the cold, crisp, sweet air of autumn's breath.
Walking among the glorious shades of fall leaves
Not only feeling, but hearing their laughter under your feet.
Feeling the warmth on your face as the sun blows you kisses from afar.
Surrounded by Mother Nature's gifts.
Her subtle, simple, precious gifts of life.
In all of their glory.
What can anyone give you greater than now?

Only two more workshops! I will go into withdrawals! Need my writing fix!
For anyone interested, the Write Around Portland Reading and Anthology Release Party is Wednesday, December 17th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm @ The First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson (right by the Goose Hollow Max Stop)

Weekend Wrap Up:

Last week seemed to be one of my hardest chemo weeks ever, emotionally and physically. I really struggled this last week and it took a lot out of me. I apologize for my negativeness etc. and thank you for your kindness, patience and support.

Halloween: I slept most of the day and got out of bed just in time to go to our 6pm party that was hosted by Kaelin's soccer coach and his family. I'm sad to say I didn't feel well enough, nor did I have it in me to dress up in my Snow White costume I payed a pretty penny for and was excited to wear. It was just too much effort and would have been uncomfortable. Dave and I were pretty much the only grown ups not to dress up,as Kaelin decided to forgo her Halo X Box game soldier character and hijack Dave's Indiana Jones costume accessories (hat and whip).Almost the whole soccer team was there (minus one?) and they all had a great time Trick or Treating and dancing and trading candy. But I truly think this party was more for the adults! I couldn't believe the creativity of the costumes! The parents went all out!We had Palin and McCain...Jack and Jill who went up a hill...
Mario and Luigi (from Mario Brother's video games!)...
We had the a prom queen and her nerd of a prom date (in full character!)...
We had Beetlejuice (in full character!) and beautiful, enchanting witches...
We had the Nightmare Before Christmas trio...
A Chick Magnet and Trophy wife...
There were pirates...
and a couple of referees. And a fun night for all! Although Dave and the host (Go Southridge!) lost on their home turf in shuffleboard to Beetlejuice and a pirate and will never hear the end of it. Apparently they are in need of therapy now. LOL

I didn't see Spencer all day until we arrived home at midnight! He went to school in his big, green Dipsy Teletubby costume
and won the costume contest for the catagory "Classic Costume". I asked him what he won and he said "a piece of paper." LOL He went to a friends after school and helped work the Haunted Room at his house and went Trick of Treating with friends immediately after.

We all had to get up early and be on the soccer field at 8:30am! We all expected the girls to play horribly since they were up past midnight, but they played amazing and won 5-o, playing keepaway pretty much the whole 2nd half.

Spencer's team lost 2-1.

This weekend is the end of the outdoor soccer season. Whew. Spencer will have his martial arts and I'm trying to talk him into playing 8th grade hoops at school. Kaelin still has competive dance and gym and a 5th grade hoops tournament team (her dad is going to coach!). We opted not to have her play indoor soccer since so much is going on.

Kaelin has a 4th grade girls sleepover at the gym at school (put on by the PE teachers and bought at the school auction) this Friday. She's spending Sundays learning some new individualized gym routines for her Level 7 competition season. She's missed a ton of training lately with soccer and all the extra activities between her and Spencer. I just can't be everywhere at the same time!

I finally started to feel more like myself on Sunday and had a great day, falling back and waking feeling rested. Was even productive as I tried to dig myself out of the mess that is our life and home after being down all week from chemo and a busy schedule. Didn't realize that my family had run out of underwear! Can you believe my husband had my daughter pull some out of the wash before school on Friday and blow dry it with the hair dryer????? What will they ever do without me??? OMG!

Oh, and Saturday we went with some friends and saw "High School Musical 3." My son played his Gameboy throughout the movie and my daughter would never admit that she liked it, but it was kind of fun. It's no "Grease" though!

Sorry for rambling.

Hope you all have a rockin week! I'm going to enjoy my week off of chemo and hope that my doctor finally gives me a break next week!

Oh, and my fellow UCLA Pi Beta Phi sorority sister and dear friend Sheila is flying down from Seattle again to spend the day with me tomorrow! I'm excited that she will get to meet Paris and vice versa! Coffee, lunch and time with friends...the perfect day!



Angie said...

love all the costume pictures. I wish someone around here would have a party; with willing participants! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Paris said...

Great writing and pics! Sorry you had such a rough chemo week... so good to see you in better spirits and health yesterday. Looking forward to today :) Love ya, p

Jean said...

i know I checked this out but didn't comment. Love the costumes! Spencer looked so good! My boys were cracking up! Sorry you had a bad week, but glad I got to text w/ya for a bit. Hope this week is better.
Your writing is just so powerful. You'll have to continue somehow after the workshop ends. Hey-start your own workshop!!!!! You can do that!
Hugs, Jean

Nightscrapper said...

Wow, what great costumes. Looks like a fun, fun night.